Monday, August 07, 2006

Grades...what is the point?

The measurement that grades give rarely reflect the intelligence of the person. Can society not think of a better way to measure a persons performance?

I bring this up because I was a little frustrated by my accounting and statistics grades today. I know many others felt the same, since their was a complete silence after our test was handed back to us. Everyone was taking notes, trying not to think about the grade they had just received. In fact, they were taking diligent notes because of the grade they had received.

That is the wonderful thing about the people in the IMBA program. While temporarily they felt shaken, they are determined to perform better. I myself fall into this category. An "A" is not out of reach; instead it is just a matter of putting in some extra practice. Some logic...if practice makes perfect, then practicing statistics makes an "A" on the next exam. Does that sound right?

For those of you who are still feeling bummed about the grade, put away the test and cheer up. The next\last exam is not for three weeks!

I started a new class today called Entrepreneurship. This one is right up my alley. We are going to have to pick an idea and create a business plan. I have a little experience in the business plan, but I have a lot to learn. My Berkman personality tells me that I am not the planner; instead I like to do just "do" and make decisions on the fly. So, this will be a good practice in patience.

I have ideas for businesses daily. However, if this does not come as easily to you, try to think of it this way: While going through your day, what need in your life is not fulfilled? What item, device, or service could fulfill that need? Does it exist? If not, then you have found your idea. If it has, then can it be improved upon? Some of the best products come from making small modifications from an existing product. Also, making small changes means that you don't have to reinvent the wheel to think of a great product, just how to make something better.

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  1. David..

    I had same thought about grade.. but if you look at the positive side of the grading system..It makes u read work more.. and I am sure little extra effort is always good.. but good grade at the expense of not socializing is of no use.... I feel MBA is not just about grade.. It teaches us more on "How to handle situations"... You are doing a great job Dave......

    Take it easy!!...