Wednesday, August 02, 2006

First Major Test Completed...Ouch

Today I had only one thing to do, that was to take my first Decision Analysis test. I studied for this test for four days. I felt confident and ready when I went to school today. I walked into class, got my test (which came on a CD), and began. I thought the test felt thick, but all the people in South Carolina only print on one side of the paper, so I was not too surprised. After I answered the first question, I was feeling good, however, it all changed shortly there after. For the remainder of the test, about 2 hours, I spent looking at my computer screen. Trying to figure out the answers and then checking my answers were quite difficult. This test was much harder than expected. I am not sure how I did. When I received a perfect grade on my Globalization quiz, I was sure that my method of preparation was working. However, now I am in doubt and will have to re-double my efforts for the next test in Decision Analysis. This will not be fun, but I will "go to the mattresses" if need be to perform well on the next test.

I added some new blogs on the right side of the page. My fellow IMBAers are getting on the blogging bandwagon. If you would like to know what Columbia, the business school at USC, and some other things around town look like, check out Adrian's blog. He has got some great pics.

Some better news...
Yesterday, I went to the gym and was able to complete 900 meters in the pool! That is the most I have done to date. Tomorrow I should be back in the pool for at least another 900. I owe it all to a wonderful swim teacher, Emily. Thank you Emily. She got me swimming like a swimmer should swim. Now all I have to do is get good at it:)

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