Thursday, August 17, 2006

The End of Accounting

Tomorrow marks the end of another class. Even though we had an outstanding teacher (I hope he reads my blog), I will not miss this class. I say this because I have done almost nothing but accounting this week. A little reading hear and there for other classes, but nothing in comparison.

I did manage to have a little fun last weekend. Below I have a contest for my fellow IMBAers. If you can tell me who is in the picture, I will be buying you a beverage of your choice at your choice of establishments (this is not a full bottle, but rather one drink). Good Luck!! Oh yea, if you were with me when the picture was taken, I am sorry, but your are excluded from this contest. I will permit any asking or collaboration among your peers. Please post your answer as a comment.

Training is coming along. I was able to complete 1000 meters in the pool without stopping this morning. That is a new milestone.


  1. Ulrika! ("I have identified it!")

  2. i knew it was ulrika too!!

  3. I will be buying Kate a drink. Good Job.