Monday, July 31, 2006

Prepared for A Tough Week

This weekend was spent preparing for the week. I have an exam, a quiz, a paper, and a project due this week. I feel confident that I am ready or will be with only a little extra effort. I have finished all my reading for the week as well. This is a vastly different approach to my studies, than my constant procrastination in undergrad. I am not quite sure what the difference is, but I am hoping to keep up this pace.

Last Friday I had a great time eating, drinking, and dancing with some friends from my program. Saturday, I learned how to swim! It is not that I couldn't swim before, it is that I learned how to be an efficient swimmer. A wonderful woman from my program showed me how the pros do it and it made all the difference. I swam further than I have throughout my training and did not get nearly as tired. I have about six weeks till my triathlon and I am getting nervous and excited. I am also excited about not having to wake up so early every morning to get a workout in. The days are getting shorter and I am spending more and more time in the dark.

Today we had a great speaker in my Global Strategic Management class. A man named Dave from the Haier America Company, spoke to us about his experience with the company. The company has a great history concerning its growth and expansion into a global company.

The amazing thing that is happening over the next couple of weeks, is that I am finishing my first couple of courses and starting new ones. The rate at which these courses and weeks are flying by is awesome.

Lastly, my Nike+Ipod device is awesome!! I have made two runs with it and it tracks all kinds of great data. I wish I had a easy way to connect my bike and swim information to my computer and then have all three sports compared to each other. With an all-in-one device/program, I could compare speed power output, calories burned, duration, and some other variables. Those guys at Apple need to get on it, because I am ready for it!

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