Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My 200th Post!!

Wow! I can't believe that I have posted so much to this thing. In a moment of reflection, I will share with you some of the more exciting things that have happened over the last 199 postings (in order of when they happened):

1. I skied in my shorts and t-shirt on the last day of the ski season at Copper Mountain.
2. I graduated college from the University of Colorado - Boulder and had a graduation party at The Fox Theater.
3. I started biking across the US from New Haven, CT to raise awareness for Habitat for Humanity.
4. I bicycled naked in Badlands Nat'l Park, SD...one of five Nat'l Parks I got to ride my bike through last summer.
5. I competed in the Tug-of-War competition at the Red Neck Games in Gillete, WY.
6. I completed my bicycle ride in Seattle, WA after two months and over 4000 miles.
7. I moved to Washington, D.C.
8. I went to New Orleans to help in the re-building process.
9. I quit my job and moved to Columbia, SC.
And finally, something that will be continuing for a while...
10. I started my graduate program at the Moore School, located on the "real" USC campus!

I hope you enjoyed that and I hope that every 200 postings is as exciting and fun as these have been.

School continues...I have gotten ahead of the game in terms of reading. This week I am going to take my first couple of quizzes and turn in my first group project.

Yesterday in my Global Strategic Management class, we talked about Starbuck's and other coffee producers. Below are a couple of pictures of me at the very first Starbuck's ever, which is located on the famous Pike Street in Seattle, WA. I do not drink coffee, except on rare occasions...such as visiting the very first Starbuck's. I believe I ordered a mocha grande with an extra shot of expresso with whipped cream on top. It tasted like every mocha grande with an shot of expresso with whipped cream on top that I have ordered from Starbuck's in every state that I have done that. That is called great quality control and standardization. Take care.

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