Monday, July 10, 2006

First Day of Classes

Just to give you a couple of more pics from FL. One is our house that we stayed in while in FL. It was a great location...two houses from the beach and two houses from The Red Bar (it is famous down in that area). If you look closely you my find something that is not "quite right" with the picture. The other picture is one of our sunsets with the Grayton dunes on one side and the ocean on the other.

For more current news...
The first day of classes went great today. Not much was given and it felt very natural to be sitting in class again...not that I have been out of the classroom that long.

After classes I had a quick moment to run home and make some lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent learning about myself through the Birkman Test, which we took before coming to Columbia.

The Birkman Test "helps your organization maximize its human capital and achieve results that are both superior and sustainable." What does this mean for me? Well...I am learning the answer to that question. Ultimately I agree with 90+% of what is being discussed. The personailty, actions, traits, and interests are fun to look at. The test has shown me a few things that I do not agree with, but mostly has reinforced to me, that I am striving for the right goal.

if you do not know...that ultimate goal for me is to become a Professor of Business. There is a lot more to it, but that is the simplified version.

This evening, my roommate, Shaun, and I went and worked out at the school's fitness center. It is a wonderful facility that was recently built. I have been swimming there for the past couple of days in the indoor pool. Tonight we did free weights and machines that worked our abs, tri-ceps, and bi-ceps. My arms are sore and I am sure that I will feel it tomorrow on my morning ride.

The Birkman test stated that my number one area of interest is Outdoors. This means that I need "hands-on work in an outdoor or natural environment." This may include "physical or mental exertion outside of office confines." It goes on to state that people score high in this category because of environmental concerns. I had a few other high scores in the scientific, artistic, mechanical, musical, and literary areas.

I was suprised to see my lowest scores in Persuasive and Social Service areas, since I have a few friends that would tell you otherwise. Mainly I am thinking of how I always used to try to convince my friend Lauren in CO to come do something. She would call me out on my behavior and tell me to stop, which sometimes I did and other times I kept pushing. Anyway, I haven't learned exactly what it all means.

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  1. Anonymous2:28 AM

    Hi Dave.. I agree with you.. 90+% of Birkman.. I am sure it is going to help us a lot in covering our weakness and projecting our strengths in the interview... Gym is amazing I think it is the BEST part of USC/Columbia..:-)