Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Soaking Up the Sun

I had my last day at my job last Thursday. My co-workers threw me a little party with cake and ice cream. Then, I headed for home to finish packing. I had an old family friend, Casey Copen, stop by for dinner. She is in DC for a couple of months doing research for her dissertation. This delayed my packing, but I got done by midnight. Just in time for it to rain on my bed, which was tied down to the roof of my car. The bed was in plastic, so it faired well. By four o'clock in the morning I was on my way to Columbia, SC.

I could only go sixty with the bed on my car. I was tired and slept for an hour at a truck stop. Then to top of the trip, my pillows flew off my car. I was able to recover two of them, but my favorite was a goner. I am just glad that no accidents were caused by this.

After arriving in SC, I unpacked, bought a dresser from a fellow off Craigslist. My room is all set, except for a little more unpacking. I went to Delaney's that night. I chatted with some undergrads who were staying for the summer. Around eleven I headed for bed, since FL was in my head.

I woke at 4 am to go to FL, but decided to sleep some more. I got going about 6am. I ended up being about thirty minutes ahead of my friends, which was perfect. We have been soaking up the sun, drinking at night, dancing in the bars and clubs, swimming till our arms give out, and taking regular naps after almost every meal. I love vacation!!

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  1. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Nice meeting you this week and looking forward to the long road ahead of us. Get ready for tomorrow!!!