Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I Have More Stuff Than I Thought

I packed up my things last night. It only took about two hours, since I don't own very much. However, when I got everything stacked up in the living room, I began to realize that I might not be able to get everything into or onto my car. So, I took out several things that I could live without. Now I have two piles...musts and wants. It will be interesting to see how much stuff makes it in my car. If you are going South on I-95 this Friday, look for me. I will be the one with a queen bed on his roof, a bike on the trunk, and my head bobbing to the music with the windows rolled down.

This morning I took my mom to the airport. She always tears up when I am leaving or she leaves me. You would think that a week of being with me, that she would be ready to get back to her own bed and have a day off. Oh well, maybe I will understand one day. We did have a great time and I saw lots of things that I would not have, if she had not made it into town. Thanks mom!

A couple of hours ago, I had lunch with some co-workers and a good friend that I know from growing up in Memphis. Saying goodbye to my friend at lunch, was the first time I felt sad about leaving. I have said goodbye to several other friends before now, but today it got to me. I know that I will see all of these people again, but sometimes it feels like it won't be soon enough.

South Carolina......I will see you on Friday!

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