Thursday, June 22, 2006

I am too excited to sit still

I was exhausted yesterday, since I haven't slept in my bed for 6 nights in a row, plus the fact that I stayed up late. So, when I got home from work yesterday I packed up my car, went running and then had dinner with my friend Annie, and proceeded to pass out on my bed. I awoke at 5 am and could not fall back asleep. I was too excited to get my day over with, so that I could get on the road.

I have been a joy at work all day, talking, laughing, and saying goodbye to everyone has been fun. I have my exit interview in an hour. After that I am pretty much free to go! I have to pack the last few items in my car and I will be ready to take a nap, so that I will be rested for the road.

My stay in SC will be short, since I am driving on Saturday to FL. I will be down there with three great friends for an entire week. After that I will stop by AL to see my parents, sister, nephew, and brother-in-law. I am hoping to get loaded up with odds and ends for my new place in Columbia.

Only a few hours to go!!!

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