Friday, June 09, 2006

I Am Glad That is Over

The deed is done! I turned in my letter of resignation. Everyone is happy that I am going to grad school. They said they will have to be nice to me for now on, since I will probably be their boss one day.

The Nationals won last night, which was exciting. The stadium is a bit old, I learned that the Redskins used to play their, until it became to small to house all their fans. The stands were about half full last night with 25,000 people in attendance. Our seats were awesome. We were only a few rows behind the Phillies dugout. Sorriano hit a home run to increase the Nationals lead to 5-2, which ended up being the final score. I will post a couple of photos from the game soon.

Tonight I will be heading out to a happy hour to say good bye to most of the people I have hung out with since I arrived in DC last fall. Then I will spend the late night dancing to a friend's records at a club he is spinning at.

This entire weekend should be jam packed. Saturday I am aiming for a nice 2-3 hour bike ride in the late morning. Then, I will be checking out the North Mississippi Allstars and MOE at Wolf Trap, which is a small amphitheater in the DC area. Sunday I am having a dinner for my closest friends in DC. About 12-15 people should be showing up to feast on whatever I have time to cook up this weekend. It should be a lot of fun.

Oh yea...
For those of you who don't know. Saturday is World Bike Naked Day! This is something I think we should all participate in, whether you are clothed or not. The purpose of the ride is "to draw attention to oil dependency and the negative social and environmental impacts of a car dominated culture."

I for one, am going to try to make it to the DC ride on Sunday morning. I know it is a day later than the rest of the World, but that is the only day the promoters could get a permit to demonstrate. If you always wondered what it would look like to bike naked, I can give you an idea. Just check this posting from last summer!

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