Tuesday, June 20, 2006

How the Time Flies

My mom and I have been having a great time. We have done a lot. Over the weekend we saw "Addiction to Oil" with Tom Friedman giving a talk afterwards. Saturday we went to the Natural History and Botanical Garden Smithsonians and the WWII Memorial. My friend Chad, from Pittsburgh, joined us for the day which made it that much more fun. He helped me take a picture of me "making good use" of the Washington Monument (the pic will come soon).

Sunday we went to the Spy Museum and had some great food in China Town. That night we met up with some cousins of mine in Georgetown at Bistro Med. The food was awesome. I got the Bistro Chicken, which was a chicken breast topped with sauteed spinach and then a layer of cheese on top of that. It was surrounded by a plate of rice, carrots, broccoli, zucchini, green and red peppers, and onions. I don't like a lot of spinach, but this dish was too good not eat it all.

Yesterday, I left work early and we toured the capital building. The building has underground tunnels, lots of statues, and incredible art. Sitting in the balcony of The House, I was reminded of all the times I had watched C-Span.

Tonight I am going to eat some great Burmese food and start packing. I haven't even gotten started and I leave in less than 3 days. That thought is so exciting! I wish I could pack it all up tonight and hit the road in the morning. However, I don't think my new house will be ready:)

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