Wednesday, May 24, 2006

YMSB Tonight

It was a big day yesterday for my girlfriend, Cindy. She just got back from London and found out all the family news that she had missed over the past week...Marriage problems with the brother, health issues with mom, and now there will be only three people at her graduation, instead of the 7+ that were anticipated. The silver lining is that now the two sides of the family won't have to see each other at her graduation tomorrow, but I know she really wanted everyone there.

So, hopefully tonight will take her mind off things for a few moments. I am going to make dinner, pasta puttanesca, and then we are going to see Yonder Mountain String Band (YMSB). YMSB will be tearing it up in Baltimore at the Ram's Head Live venue on the waterfront. I really like this venue. They only serve micro-brew from a brewery in Delaware, called The Fordham Brewery and it is small and cozy inside. I saw Institute (Gavin Rosdale's new band, former lead singer of Bush) a few months ago.

In other news, my roommate's house guests have been visiting for about 10 days now. When you have four people that live in a four bedroom house, things can be great if you all get along ok. When you throw in two more people that sleep on the couch and never leave the house (night or day) and do not clean up after themselves, then things get a bit frustrating. There are other issues, such as the fact they are hooking up, when one of them is married. I don't like this behavior going on where I live. I know one of them is leaving Sat. and that day can't get here fast enough. I am not sure when the other one is leaving, since I was never even told that we were going to have visitors. Ugghh! Well, it is not worth putting up a fight or saying anything, since I will be leaving in 30 days.

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  1. Hi Dave..

    You seem to be a person who make decisions listening to heart.. Hmmmm.. I understand ..sometime people behave so indifferent... Life is full of emotional attacks.. I know how difficult its gonna be for Cindy...