Tuesday, May 02, 2006

So, What's New!

After several months of your day-to-day grind, I feel that I should start my blog back up. Why? Because I am starting a NEW journey. And that is what my blog is about...my journeys.

So, you may be asking yourself what the new journey is. I am going to tell you, but first let me give you a re-cap of the last few months. Hmmmm, it has been so long...so much to tell...ok, I will start there.

On a side note...I just had everything typed out and lost it due to a power failure at work. AARRRGGGHHHH! (that is how the pirates say it)

Now you will really get the abbreviated version. Here we go...

I lost my job due to budget cuts (that is the life of a gov't contractor). So, I went to New Orleans and helped clean up. I went to South Carolina and checked out the MBA program and school. I went to CO to hang with friend and ski.

I started a new job, two blocks from home, and I love it. I am working on the Head Start program, through Danya International, Inc. I became an Uncle!! That was the coolest thing by far. Thanks Wendy! His name is Asher and he is a little bitty thing.

March and April:
Participated in a relay-triathlon race. We got third place (first in the coed team category).

The biggest news that I wanted to tell you is that I got into Grad School! I will be attending the Univ. of South Carolina Moore Business School in the International MBA (IMBA) program. I start in July!! I went down there last weekend and found a place to live and met about a third of my classmates.

Last few tidbits...I have continued to volunteer regularly for various projects; I even organized one of them. I have been dating a wonderful woman since my New Orleans trip and we have had some great adventures. I moved into a new house. And that is most of everything.

Welcome back!

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