Thursday, May 11, 2006

Slow, Dreary Day

It has been raining off and on all day here in DC. It seems to put a damper on the activity in and out of the building that I work in.

Today, I went out to lunch with a friend in the building next to mine. We tried a new restaurant, just like we do every week. It was called Mandalay Cafe and it was very good. They had Burmese food. I had the special, which was chicken cooked in some type of lemon curry sauce with jasmin rice and onions. I ordered it hot. I definitely enjoyed it.

I keep smiling every time I think about leaving and heading down to SC. Its not like there are things, or rather people, that I will miss in DC. But I just love the thought about getting out of the big city and into a quiet little town, that has its own agenda and politics. At lunch I was thinking that I only have five more restaurants to try with my friend Andrew. After that I will be on my way!

So, this weekend I am off to go camping. I have bought almost all the food I want. I think I still need corn and some deli meat. The weather should be nice. There are a few chances for afternoon thunderstorms, but I am hoping that they hold off. Either way, I will have a blast sitting by the fire, sipping on some local brews, and checking out the night sky.

Saturday we will go hiking for a while. I learned that this weekend is Wildflower Weekend. So, we might join a hike with a ranger and learn about the local flora, if they are convenient.

Just 6 weeks from tomorrow till I am off to Columbia!

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