Monday, May 22, 2006

The Machine

The Machine is a Pink Floyd tribute band. I am normally not a fan of cover/tribute bands, but this band is officially recognized and approved by the real Pink Floyd. I saw them on Saturday and they really do sound just like Pink Floyd. Their voices and instruments might even be better than the real deal. My friend joked to me they probably have played more Pink Floyd than Pink Floyd. Whoa! Don't think to hard on that one:)

Anyway, I enjoyed it. I ran into a "show" friend there as well. Friday I caught MI3 at the theater. I thought this one was better than the last two. It wasn't as cheesy as the others and had great action, like they all do. I thought the plot leaves it open for his wife to join the Mission Impossible team. Don't worry, I did not just ruin the movie for you by saying that. Saturday, I made up a new route on my bike ride. It had less traffic than I normally deal with. Also, I had a funeral procession that I was riding next to for several miles and that allowed me to run several lights and stop signs. Sunday was spent sleeping, cleaning, cooking, reading, and relaxing.

I have had great luck with in finding things I need for my house when I move to a new area. When I moved to DC, I was able to furnish my bedroom for about $225. That included bed, dresser, nightstand, desk, and desk chair. In Colorado, I found a few things from the website. I have never sold anything on craigslist. I have always been able to give my furniture away to friends when I leave an area. However, I am thinking of bringing my bed with me, instead of finding a new one. It is really comfortable and I would have a difficult time finding such a great deal anywhere else. Bringing the bed with me would mean that it would travel 500 miles on top of my Honda Accord, which would be interesting. I think if I keep it around 60-65 mph, then I will be ok. I will need some good clamps or rope. If the thing falls off it would be a bit funny, as long as it doesn't cause an accident. We will see...

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