Wednesday, January 11, 2006

So Sore

Last night I worked with a personal trainer at my gym. I get this luxury at no cost, since the "real" gym is still being built and we are just using a temporary spot. Anyway...the guy killed me. I feel like I got beat up. Actually I don't know what that really feels like, but I think if I did get beat up, then this is what I would feel like. Maybe I should go get beat up more often. It is a cross between pain and the satisfaction of a good work out. Mainly it reminds me how I felt several times this summer, when I had to wake up and get on my bike, after pedaling too many miles the day before.

I was trying to take advantage of DCs Restaurant Week, but I just can't justify paying for it. I love to dine out at nice places, especially when it is $30 at $50+ restaurant. But I am saving that money for other things, such as a concert tonight in Baltimore. Their is a New Orleans Funk/Jazz band playing at the 8x10 Club. They are called Bonerama. I haven't heard of them, but I want to check out the venue and this was a cheap way to do that, while catching a band that I will surely enjoy. Hopefully the rain will continue and make my drive to Baltimore smooth and easy, since no one around here like to drive in the rain.

I was talking to someone about my yoga class. I said that I can't really tell a big difference, since I started, but I just know that I feel good for the hour that I do it every week. However, when I started my class of the new session, I had had a few weeks off, since I had done any yoga. I take back what I said. I was able to get in and out of the positions more smoothly than ever before and I was able to stretch further than I did last year.

On the job front...
I am probably going to interview at an accounting firm closer to home. The job has nothing to do with accounting, which is good, since I told the recruiter that I was not interested in accounting. I also applied to the Washington Area Bicycle Association. This is the job I want the most.

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