Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Israel Rules, the Environment Needs Help, & New Years Rocked

It is now 2006. I want to add to my resolutions, that I will be kinder too and more aware of the environment this coming year. In fact, I recommend the following book to help us all do just that..."You can Prevent Global Warming (and save money)". I will update you with any changes I make in my actions or lifestyle in my effort to improve the world. Any suggestions or hints in achieving this goal are appreciated. Wish me luck!

I was going through my daily ritual of reading articles about energy. I have to do this for work. I actually enjoy it, since I get to read about all the advances in technology. Today I came across a great article on Israeli ingenuity. This article list the top 15 discoveries by Israelis in 2005. My favorite is the diving equipment advancement. We will all be able to breathe under water without air tanks, in about 2-5 years, depending on the time it takes to reach the market. The product extracts air out of the water, therefore eliminating the need to carry your own, thus allowing you to stay under water for as long as you want. What is your favorite discovery?

This past weekend was great. I made it to NYC late Friday night. Saturday, my friends and I went to the Brooklyn Brewery for a tour and several beers. It was snowing when we left. I then met up with a couple of people that I biked with this summer. We had dinner together and departed ways. They were going to a run in Central Park. It started at midnight and went for four miles. They said it was a big running party. I thought that was a great way to start the new year. While they were running, I was watching the Black Crowes, Trey, Kate Hudson, and North Mississippi Allstars, and lots of other people on stage celebrate. I was at the Garden having a great time cheering as the confetti was sprayed all over us. The Crowes rocked all night. I thought the Trey band was mediocre. However, Trey came on stage to join the Black Crowes for an Otis Redding cover, "Hard to Handle", and amazed us all for over 15 minutes, while he let his 'gift of guitar' shine through to us all.

I have 25 days till I am in CO! I can almost feel the snow beneath my skis:)

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