Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Debt, Recycling, & More

In keeping with my newest resolution, I have ordered a blue bin for my recycling at my house. Before I moved in, my roommate told me how she doesn't agree with the state recycling program, therefore we didn't have a recycling bin. She said it had to do with the politics of it and something else about how it really doesn't help. Well, I disagree. I have heard that recycling programs cost tax payers money, but I wouldn't mind paying for my junk not be thrown into a landfill. I think the recycling program provides jobs (which our tax dollars pay) and the recyclables do bring in some money even if it isn't enough to cover the full expenses of a recycling operation. I see the state-wide recycling industry as a baby that hasn't matured. Once recycling gains more popularity among the masses, then there will be more to recycle, more jobs, and more money to be made, because of "economies of scale."

Am I right? Who knows? But I don't think it hurts to recycle. There must be some pollution caused by the machines that pick up the recyclables, sort them, crush them and refurbish them. However, I would think that in most industries that it is less polluting to use recyclables than to get raw materials and convert them into usable products.

Hopefully I can convince my other roommate that he should recycle, since two is better than one, but not as good as three. I will just have to see how receptive my roommate is to leaving her recyclables out for me to throw in the bin.

I ran across this blog today that is all about a woman with a kid trying to get out of debt. I put another link to it on the right side of the page for reference. She has a $20K debt and spends $1300/month more than she makes. Needless to say, she has a long way to go. I think it is worth checking out if you are trying to budget, which we should all have a budget. Even if you make millions, you should have a budget. A budget is just a "spending plan". It is an idea of where your money is coming from and where it is going. This is important, since a spending plan will allow you to get out of debt or keep you out of debt.

I don't budget as well as I would like too. I know my monthly expenses and have them written down, but I am not good at saving my disposable income. Instead I notice that I have extra money and I go spend it on a trip, clothes, electronics, or just any of the 1000+ things I want in life. However, I am good at cutting my expenses to pay off a debt. When an unexpected expense, such as a car repair, comes along, I cut back on my spending until it is paid off. Since I know where my money is going, it is easy to do that. But once the debt is paid off, I don't save. Instead, I start the cycle all over again by spending my money on extras.

A song for your listening pleasure, that is all about.........MONEY!

The More part...
I am sorry for the families of the West VA miners. Unfortunately, the death of the 12 miners, has drowned out the miracle of 13th survivor. This guy received a collapsed lung during the blast and it probably saved him, since he couldn't take a big breath of the carbon monoxide filled chamber. At least that is my co-worker's theory, which made good enough sense to me that I went along with it. This is a tragedy with a bright spot in it.

I applied to a dozen jobs yesterday and one this morning. I have an interview next Monday for one of them. Wish me luck!

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