Friday, January 06, 2006

Alaska National Wildlife Refuge

In case you were to busy with holiday shopping, on Dec. 22, 2005, the Senate voted against drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). This was a great accomplishment, since our current President is an oil man. I ran across an article this morning and learned a couple of facts about ANWR.

First, if all the oil from ANWR was pumped out and refined, then the US would have enough oil for 6 months. That is it! Only 6 months worth of oil for a several lifetimes worth of spoiled land. Secondly, drilling in the ANWR would not ease our current energy concerns, since it would take 7-12 years to start actually getting any oil. Even if it only took 7 years to blaze a trail to the drilling site, dig the wells, and build the pipeline to the coast, it still wouldn't be worth waiting for. Not if it will destroy the natural beauty, the natives culture and food supply, or the mystique that is associated with Alaska.

I want to go to Alaska and see nothing but wilderness. I want the mosquito swarms to stay intact, the caribou to thrive, and mainly, I want Americans to keep their hands out of there. Americans and other people will need this piece of land to inhabit as the Earth warms over and people look for more temperate climates. So, why destroy it before we get there. If we are lucky, by the time people start moving to Alaska in drones, we will have become smart enough to live in a sustainable manner.

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