Wednesday, January 11, 2006

So Sore

Last night I worked with a personal trainer at my gym. I get this luxury at no cost, since the "real" gym is still being built and we are just using a temporary spot. Anyway...the guy killed me. I feel like I got beat up. Actually I don't know what that really feels like, but I think if I did get beat up, then this is what I would feel like. Maybe I should go get beat up more often. It is a cross between pain and the satisfaction of a good work out. Mainly it reminds me how I felt several times this summer, when I had to wake up and get on my bike, after pedaling too many miles the day before.

I was trying to take advantage of DCs Restaurant Week, but I just can't justify paying for it. I love to dine out at nice places, especially when it is $30 at $50+ restaurant. But I am saving that money for other things, such as a concert tonight in Baltimore. Their is a New Orleans Funk/Jazz band playing at the 8x10 Club. They are called Bonerama. I haven't heard of them, but I want to check out the venue and this was a cheap way to do that, while catching a band that I will surely enjoy. Hopefully the rain will continue and make my drive to Baltimore smooth and easy, since no one around here like to drive in the rain.

I was talking to someone about my yoga class. I said that I can't really tell a big difference, since I started, but I just know that I feel good for the hour that I do it every week. However, when I started my class of the new session, I had had a few weeks off, since I had done any yoga. I take back what I said. I was able to get in and out of the positions more smoothly than ever before and I was able to stretch further than I did last year.

On the job front...
I am probably going to interview at an accounting firm closer to home. The job has nothing to do with accounting, which is good, since I told the recruiter that I was not interested in accounting. I also applied to the Washington Area Bicycle Association. This is the job I want the most.

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Weekend

I sat through Syriana this past weekend. This movie has George Clooney and Matt Damon in it. This movie barely kept my attention. I don't really care about a fictional world of oil companies, Iran, and the US all tangled together. There is a real world relationship that is currently going and both have about the same amount of interest to me...which is almost none, except for when I have to pay higher gas prices. Then I just curse at the number on the pump, pay it, and go on about my life.

I learned this weekend that a cousin of mine was in a Bud Light commercial, guided a trip down a river with Bobby Kennedy, his wife, and two secret service men, and was an alternate for the 1964 Olympics in skiing. I thought all of that stuff was pretty cool.

Some other happenings...
My yoga class starts up again for the new year tonight.
I got on my bike for the first time in almost two months yesterday. It felt great to be pedaling again.
I am going to CO in 19 days!
I interviewed today for a new job. I will find something out by the end of the week. However, most likely I won't be moving to a new job, until I hear from my current employer what their offer will be. I won't know that is till the end of the month.

And no...I don't get off for Martin Luther King Day. This will be good, since I get paid hourly and do not want to miss a day. However, I expect it to be a slow day since the government will be closed.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Alaska National Wildlife Refuge

In case you were to busy with holiday shopping, on Dec. 22, 2005, the Senate voted against drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). This was a great accomplishment, since our current President is an oil man. I ran across an article this morning and learned a couple of facts about ANWR.

First, if all the oil from ANWR was pumped out and refined, then the US would have enough oil for 6 months. That is it! Only 6 months worth of oil for a several lifetimes worth of spoiled land. Secondly, drilling in the ANWR would not ease our current energy concerns, since it would take 7-12 years to start actually getting any oil. Even if it only took 7 years to blaze a trail to the drilling site, dig the wells, and build the pipeline to the coast, it still wouldn't be worth waiting for. Not if it will destroy the natural beauty, the natives culture and food supply, or the mystique that is associated with Alaska.

I want to go to Alaska and see nothing but wilderness. I want the mosquito swarms to stay intact, the caribou to thrive, and mainly, I want Americans to keep their hands out of there. Americans and other people will need this piece of land to inhabit as the Earth warms over and people look for more temperate climates. So, why destroy it before we get there. If we are lucky, by the time people start moving to Alaska in drones, we will have become smart enough to live in a sustainable manner.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I Am Stuffed

I went out to eat with one of my roommates, her boyfriend, and her niece that is visiting us. DC is a fairly large city, but we ended up at a resturaunt that I had already been too before. I did not mind. It was great the first time and it was great again tonight. The best part of the meal is the deserts...they come in shot glasses! I had the Creme Brulee, since that is my favorite.

I was not very shocked to hear the news about Sharon. I am sad that this time has come, but it was enevitable. The guy is old and has had a lot of stress on him for most of his life. He has done a tremendous amount of good and hopefully his successor will continue his work.

I am starting to hear back from some of the places that I sent my resume too. My current employer sent me an email today confirming that they are planning on keeping me around if I choose to stay. This was encouraging, since I have not really recieved much feedback from them. I probably will not switch to another job until I hear my current employers offer, when I become a full-time employee. This should happen at the end of this month or as soon as I return from CO. Which reminds me that there are only 22 days till I am going to be in CO!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Debt, Recycling, & More

In keeping with my newest resolution, I have ordered a blue bin for my recycling at my house. Before I moved in, my roommate told me how she doesn't agree with the state recycling program, therefore we didn't have a recycling bin. She said it had to do with the politics of it and something else about how it really doesn't help. Well, I disagree. I have heard that recycling programs cost tax payers money, but I wouldn't mind paying for my junk not be thrown into a landfill. I think the recycling program provides jobs (which our tax dollars pay) and the recyclables do bring in some money even if it isn't enough to cover the full expenses of a recycling operation. I see the state-wide recycling industry as a baby that hasn't matured. Once recycling gains more popularity among the masses, then there will be more to recycle, more jobs, and more money to be made, because of "economies of scale."

Am I right? Who knows? But I don't think it hurts to recycle. There must be some pollution caused by the machines that pick up the recyclables, sort them, crush them and refurbish them. However, I would think that in most industries that it is less polluting to use recyclables than to get raw materials and convert them into usable products.

Hopefully I can convince my other roommate that he should recycle, since two is better than one, but not as good as three. I will just have to see how receptive my roommate is to leaving her recyclables out for me to throw in the bin.

I ran across this blog today that is all about a woman with a kid trying to get out of debt. I put another link to it on the right side of the page for reference. She has a $20K debt and spends $1300/month more than she makes. Needless to say, she has a long way to go. I think it is worth checking out if you are trying to budget, which we should all have a budget. Even if you make millions, you should have a budget. A budget is just a "spending plan". It is an idea of where your money is coming from and where it is going. This is important, since a spending plan will allow you to get out of debt or keep you out of debt.

I don't budget as well as I would like too. I know my monthly expenses and have them written down, but I am not good at saving my disposable income. Instead I notice that I have extra money and I go spend it on a trip, clothes, electronics, or just any of the 1000+ things I want in life. However, I am good at cutting my expenses to pay off a debt. When an unexpected expense, such as a car repair, comes along, I cut back on my spending until it is paid off. Since I know where my money is going, it is easy to do that. But once the debt is paid off, I don't save. Instead, I start the cycle all over again by spending my money on extras.

A song for your listening pleasure, that is all about.........MONEY!

The More part...
I am sorry for the families of the West VA miners. Unfortunately, the death of the 12 miners, has drowned out the miracle of 13th survivor. This guy received a collapsed lung during the blast and it probably saved him, since he couldn't take a big breath of the carbon monoxide filled chamber. At least that is my co-worker's theory, which made good enough sense to me that I went along with it. This is a tragedy with a bright spot in it.

I applied to a dozen jobs yesterday and one this morning. I have an interview next Monday for one of them. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Israel Rules, the Environment Needs Help, & New Years Rocked

It is now 2006. I want to add to my resolutions, that I will be kinder too and more aware of the environment this coming year. In fact, I recommend the following book to help us all do just that..."You can Prevent Global Warming (and save money)". I will update you with any changes I make in my actions or lifestyle in my effort to improve the world. Any suggestions or hints in achieving this goal are appreciated. Wish me luck!

I was going through my daily ritual of reading articles about energy. I have to do this for work. I actually enjoy it, since I get to read about all the advances in technology. Today I came across a great article on Israeli ingenuity. This article list the top 15 discoveries by Israelis in 2005. My favorite is the diving equipment advancement. We will all be able to breathe under water without air tanks, in about 2-5 years, depending on the time it takes to reach the market. The product extracts air out of the water, therefore eliminating the need to carry your own, thus allowing you to stay under water for as long as you want. What is your favorite discovery?

This past weekend was great. I made it to NYC late Friday night. Saturday, my friends and I went to the Brooklyn Brewery for a tour and several beers. It was snowing when we left. I then met up with a couple of people that I biked with this summer. We had dinner together and departed ways. They were going to a run in Central Park. It started at midnight and went for four miles. They said it was a big running party. I thought that was a great way to start the new year. While they were running, I was watching the Black Crowes, Trey, Kate Hudson, and North Mississippi Allstars, and lots of other people on stage celebrate. I was at the Garden having a great time cheering as the confetti was sprayed all over us. The Crowes rocked all night. I thought the Trey band was mediocre. However, Trey came on stage to join the Black Crowes for an Otis Redding cover, "Hard to Handle", and amazed us all for over 15 minutes, while he let his 'gift of guitar' shine through to us all.

I have 25 days till I am in CO! I can almost feel the snow beneath my skis:)