Thursday, December 01, 2005

World AIDS Day

Yesterday was an interesting day. I was feeling pretty bad about all the repairs that were needed to my car. However, I felt much better when I was out on date that night. This was our second date. It wasn't as good as the first, but far from bad. I will see her again this weekend.

However, when we left each others company, jumped in our cars, and departed ways. I was feeling wonderful, playing my music loudly, and dancing to it in my car. That did not last long. I was quickly pulled over by a fairly friendly member of the Montgomery County police. He was kind enough to tell me that my license plate tags were expired. Nooooo...Really?! After giving him my information, showing him my inspection that I was working on getting passed, and the bill I just got done paying, he went back to his car. I didn't even try to mention the fact that I spent a month trying to get my title from CO to me. That was a nightmare in itself. It took a while, so I figured he was writing me a ticket. I am used to this. I have had more than my fair share of tickets. However, luck was with me. All I got was a warning ticket. He did tell me that a ticket would have been $280 and that my car is considered unregistered, since I have lived in MD for more than 60 days. So I thanked him again and again.

So, I have no other way to get to work, except to drive. Therefore, I am now driving an unregistered vehicle in MD. Luckily this is only until tomorrow morning, when I can make it to the DMV. So, this morning I got up early and made it to the inspection place at 7:30am. The guy was fast and only charged me $25, not the $40 he stated me on Monday. This worked great. I was then able to make it to work on time, which prevents me from having to stay late to make the time up.

Thanks to my dad, I tend to read into events too much. The cop pulling me over...what does that mean? I can't figure it out. It definitely brought me back down to earth, but I didn't want to be there. I was feeling so good before he pulled up behind me. However, I did end up with a warning, which is a good thing. The girl I was with is as nice and good as they get, so I don't think it was a warning to stay away. Until I figure it out...I will have tags tomorrow, my car is driving like a dream, and I will be looking forward to lots more outings.

Tonight I have three happenings that all overlap. I am only doing one. It is either the Company Holiday Party or another date. The other event, a young professionals happy-hour, I have already called and canceled. This will be a first date, so I don't know if it will happen. I met this girl at the last concert I went to on Sunday. If that doesn't work out, then off to the company party. There is supposed to be good food and free drinks.

Have a good World AIDS Day!!

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