Monday, December 05, 2005

The Weekend

This past weekend was jam packed. After work on Friday I made my way to the Phil Lesh show in Fairfax, VA. Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes sat in with them for almost the entire show. It was a great show and ended before 11:30pm, which was great, since I was exhausted.

I slept till noon the next day. I couldn't believe it. But I needed it. I did a few household chores and cooked a nice meal, but that was about it. I started on some applications, but was easily and quickly drawn away by a phone call to go see a movie. Sarah Silverman's "Jesus is Magic" is hilarious. While the film has nothing to do with Jesus or Magic, I laughed really hard throughout the show. Silverman is a good looking Jewish woman who says a lot of vulgar, shocking things. Perhaps it is only shocking since it is coming from this nice looking woman. The majority of the film is her on stand-up, but they interlaced some songs and clips that really make it a movie rather than just a stand-up show on a big screen.

Sunday I woke up early and fresh. I did my morning routine and got out of the house early to go for a run. I felt good and ran four miles in under 35 minutes. I could have gone longer, but I needed to get cleaned up and out the door again. I went to the soup kitchen and helped out for a little bit. Afterwards, I went back home and got some lunch. Working around all that food always makes me hungry.

Last night I went rock climbing. It was indoors, but a lot of fun. I seem to forget that I really like to climb. My arms are aching today and it feels great. I took Lisa with me and she did great for her first climbing effort. We then had a quick dinner and parted ways, since I was about to fall asleep in mid-sentence. I got home and should have gone to bed, but I really wanted to see the DVD that was made about my summer bike trip. I just got it in the mail on Friday. I thought the movie was great. It brought up wonderful memories from this past summer. I wish I could do it again this coming summer.

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