Friday, December 30, 2005

The New Year

I am ready to go to NYC. However, I am stuck at work till I can sneak out early. I am hoping to catch an earlier bus, so that I can get to NYC before midnight. I am going to try to send a couple of Audio Blogs while I am on the rode this weekend. I am sure in the next 6-12 months that video blogs will be hitting the web. I just imagine blogs having a bunch of clips similar to what you see on reality shows. Like when two people are arguing and the TV goes to one of the people involved and they are giving their thoughts about what is going through there head at that moment and then the TV goes to the other person and gets their reaction as well. Those moments are the most fabricated part of reality TV. If you wanted the real answer, you would have to stop the people in the middle of the fight. This would then allow them to cool down and stop fighting. Therefore the producers of the show have to keep going back and splicing in what the reality show participants were thinking. This "thinking" is often made up to make the show more interesting. Reflections about an event, from a participant, are not much better.

I am already looking forward to my next vacation. I am going out to CO at the end of January. I recently purchased tickets to the Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) show. Those guys can blow your mind if you catch them on the right night.

Have you made your New Years Resolutions? Please feel free to share a few, by leaving a comment. Here are a few of mine...

1. Find a different job close to home
2. Stay fit
3. Continue to try new foods
4. Continue to cook regularly, rather than eating out or preparing microwave foods

Happy New Year!!

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