Friday, December 02, 2005

I Have Regained Feeling in My Toes

I woke up this morning, knowing that I needed to head to the Maryland DMV. There I was going to finally finish the process of titling my car. I wanted to be there when they opened, so that I wouldn't miss very much work. I thought they opened at 8am, since that is what their website states. So, I got myself up and out the door a little later than planned, but I still had plenty of time. I stopped and filled up on gas. The sign said $2.18, but the pump said $2.21. I thought about walking in the store to make a fuss, but the other gas stations nearby were even more expensive and it was freezing outside.

I made it to the DMV with no traffic problems. I immediately got out of the car and walked up to the line that had started to form. I was about 5th in line and I came prepared. I buttoned up my jacket first. Then I reached in my backpack and put on my hat. I got my earphones and Ipod running with some Ben Folds Five, I put on my gloves, and got my Catherine Coulter book out, that I normally read when I am traveling on the metro trains. I was warm.

I checked the time and 8am had already come and passed. I looked around at all the freezing people I was standing with and they didn't look concerned. I then saw that the sign says they open at 8:30am. Another half hour of the cold. I was definitely doing better than most people. They were complaining, getting anxious, and starting to jump around.

The DMV was punctual. I ended up being third in line, for the "I am getting a new title" line. I was seen quickly, my papers checked over, given a number and told to go and wait till I was called. I was called within five minutes. The guy didn't say a word and just did his routine. After a couple of minutes he told me the price, ran my card, and handed me new plates. My car was now titled, licensed, and tagged in Maryland.

As I was driving to work I looked at my bill. I had to pay 5% tax on my cars value. I was surprised when I paid that the bill was so low. However, after seeing how little taxed I paid, I realized that they don't think my car is worth much. My '93 Accord with 259,041 miles on it, is only worth $760. At least my car knows it is invaluable to me, which at that moment I reminded it of this fact.

Now my toes have warmed up and stopped tingling. I learned this morning that my shoes don't have good insulation.

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