Friday, December 16, 2005

I am a Vegetarian

I bet that title makes you laugh and chuckle at the thought of me being a vegetarian. I am the one who wouldn't put a vegetable near his mouth until just a couple of years ago. However, this statement is not true. I am still eating meat in all its various forms. But I have a co-worker who thinks that I am a vegetarian. Every time he stops by when I am eating I happen not to have any meat on my plate. It was pretty funny when I first heard, but this past week or so might prove him "almost right". I have been in a crunch since obtaining my title and tags for the state of MD. I had already trimmed my spending, since I am not on salary until the end of next month. But I needed to trim some more after my dealing with the MD gov't. So, trimming my food budget was fairly easy. I now eat all kinds of things, including vegetables. I decided that I wouldn't buy any meat until I got my finances back in order. Therefore I have not had meat in a while, except for a burger that I ate this past weekend for dinner. I had no idea how easy the transition would be. I am beginning to think that I could continue this trend indefinitely. However, I really don't see that happening in the long run.

Work has been busy this week, which is a good thing. I like to have too much on my plate. This weekend I will be seeing my Uncle Stan for a few moments on Sat. and Sunday night, while he passes through town on business. The rest of the weekend will be productive. I have vowed to make head way on my applications. So it will be done!! Then on Sunday, I will be doing the usual at the soup kitchen and then I am planning on meeting up with some friends for lunch and pottery painting. I have you ever gone to a pottery store and painted your pieces? I haven't, but after this weekend I will have. The last time I played with pottery was 9th grade art class with Mr. Wilson. I loved that class. I made some great pieces of art work, using all kinds of different mediums. Most of it I still have tucked away somewhere and I know my parents have most of my pottery that I made.

I applied for a job this week. Hopefully I will hear something, even though it is the holidays. I turned down a job offer this week, since they were not going to pay much more than I am making now. It is sometimes odd to me that I have my resume out there and that random people are asking if I want to work for them. I have never done job hunting like this, but it is easier in some ways. On the other side, it is very impersonal and often hard to get in touch with a live voice.

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