Monday, December 12, 2005

Funny, Rockin, & Relaxing

Those words just about some up my weekend. Friday I went to the DC Improv. I liked the opening comic better than the headliner for the most part. The headliner did have a great twenty minutes of talking about cereals. I found this to be the best part of his act. He pointed out some great facts. Such as the trademarked phrase, "two scoops in every box", that is emblazened upon every Rasain Bran cereal box. He managed to pull out three or four different size boxes that all say "two scoops". I just realized that my telling of this joke will not be funny to anyone. The end.

On Saturday, Justin from CO came out to DC for work. He and a co-worker came out to the Rusted Root show at the 930 club. We met Sean and his crew before the show for a drink. The show rocked, we got some food afterwards, and we all went home. Sunday, I got up and made it to the soup kitchen. I am glad I did, since it was the least amount of volunteers that I had ever seen show up. This actually made it more fun, since we were all a little busier than normal. The rest of the day I spent cooking and reading, since my internet connection has been down since Thursday night. Hopefully I will come home today and it will be fixed.

The worst part of the weekend was when I was eating dinner on Saturday, I looked up at the TV and learned that Richard Pryor had died of a heart attack. While I am not suprised, since he used and abused his body throughout much of his life, it is still sad to lose a member of society that could make anyone laugh.

I read today that a study found out that women who had abortions were likely to have long term mental and emotional affects from the procedure. Perhaps they could expand on that a little and state, "any person who remembers a single, isolated event in their life, maybe mentally and/or emothionally affected from it." Isn't it silly not to think that everything that we remember for a long time affects us in some way? I remember playing t-ball when I was five. I am not sure how this affects me now, but it probably helped me become a good sportsman for years after I played. Now it just provides a good memory. I bet they spent years of time and lots of money figuring out something that almost anyone could have told them. But now it has been recorded in a scientific manner, so it must be true.

Peace Out!

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