Thursday, December 29, 2005

File Sharing

I am pretty excited about the coming weekend. I will be partying with my best friends in NYC. We are going to see the Black Crowes with the 70 Volt Parade and North Mississippi Allstars opening for them at Madison Square Gardens. You can't go wrong there. I have never been to NYC on New Years and it seems that lots of other people have the same idea. I will have several friends from Wisconsin, CT, MA, MD, VA, Chicago, and probably some I left out all there. Hopefully I will see one or two of them over the weekend.

Have you ever wanted to send someone a big file or several big files. Maybe a bunch of music or videos. Now you can! Check out the Motivation software. This site will allow you to store your information in your email account and allow someone else to access that specific file or files that you want to share. It is pretty neat stuff. Their website did not explain it very well (nor did I), but if you use it, you will understand. The only drawback is that you need to have a POP3 account set up on your email. Google Mail and AOL are already set up like that. If you have MSN, Hotmail, or just use Outlook on your computer then you will have to do additional setup to be able to use the program. Or you could just email me and I will send you an invitation for Google Mail. In my opinion, it is far superior to any other internet based email. There is no comparison.

I have been editing some project proposals and other reports that my company is sending out. The man who gave me the tasks really is impressed by my work. My writing has come a long way to be able to critique others. I remember when English was one of my worst subjects. I couldn't spell or use grammar correctly, but now with years of practice and lots of revisions of almost every paper I have written over the last decade by Carol, I have finally learned a thing or two. Carol, thank you very much for this knowledge.

After editing these papers it is hard to believe that these people get any projects approved. I have read a few others that have already been approved and they are all littered with spelling and grammar mistakes. I guess you can ignore a few mistakes if the price is set correctly. However, that means you could be sacrificing quality to go with the lowest bidder. There seems to be a problem with that, but I can't quite explain it right now. Instead you can think about this. When you go shopping, do you always look for the cheapest price on any good? Do you ever buy something more expensive, because you perceive its quality to be of higher value than the lesser priced item, therefore, it is worth buying the more expensive option? Do you get your car fixed at the place where it is least expensive or where you know the job is done right? Now think how the government always goes towards the lowest bidder. Somewhere in there, they are getting bad service and poor quality. The lowest price doesn't always mean poor quality, but often it makes a difference.

Happy Fourth Day of Hanukah!

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