Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Some Weird Stuff Going On

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I got to eat a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with some family and friends in VA. I then flew to AL to hang with some of my family for the rest of the weekend. Then to top it all off, I got to see Zilla perform on Sunday night. I had never seen them, but I had seen most of the band members at some point in time with other bands. The show was great, the crowd was amazing, and I was sorry to have to leave a little early, but the Monday work hour was fast approaching.

I was checking out some news today and there seemed to be a lot of odd things going on. I realize that there is always strange happenings, but Google News just happen to have a whole bunch of them on its page today.

First, the Supreme Court House is falling apart. In the article it states that a chunk of the building crashed down on the steps. One person noted that the chunk fell from the right side of the building. Coincidence? However, I didn't really think that this event was so abnormal. It is easy to comprehend how a building that is so old, may start to crumble every now and again.

The two articles that really made me laugh and have sad thoughts at the same time. The first one was one in which a girl died after kissing her boyfriend . The kiss of death was performed by an average Joe. His secret...eating peanuts before performing a routine kiss. The article does not state if the man will be criminally charged. Shouldn't one of them have known. Either he should know that she was allergic or she should know not to kiss him, if he had been eating peanuts. Maybe they just started dating and he didn't know about her allergy. Maybe she just showed up at his door and didn't realize that he was eating peanuts before she got there. No matter what, I am going to start asking my dates if they are allergic to nuts. This way I won't have to worry about them dropping dead after my I eat my pecan pie for desert.

On a good note, there are approximately 1.5 million Americans with a peanut allergy. This means that the chances are slim. Half of them are men, leaving 750K people as potential dates. I am sure that at least 75% of them are not in my age group. And for the remaining, they are not likely to all live in the DC area.

The last article that caught my eye, mentioned that needles are not long enough and that fat Americans will have to possibly start enduring longer needles. Actually the article said nothing about whether skinny people will have to get used to the longer needles. If the needles are standardized, then all Americans may have to endure the consequences of the obese.

This article is nuts! But you can't kiss it and make it go away, since it isn't allergic to nuts. Doctors/nurses now have to judge if a needle will be able to reach the butt muscle. Currently, most needles are 3cm long. That is over an inch! If you think about a finger prick and how small the needles is, then an inch is enormous. Luckily there is hope. I have a plan!

If you don't want the longer needles, then this is what you can do. Buy a whole bunch of regular sized needles, as they are sold now. They might even go on sale, once the new size comes out. Then, whenever you go to the doctor, bring your own. If a shot is needed, just hand them to the doctor/nurse and state that you would like them to use your needles. If they stare at you oddly, just smile. If they to talk to you about the dangers of drugs, calmly tell them that you read on this blog somewhere about bigger needles coming out. If that doesn't convince them...RUN!

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