Friday, November 11, 2005

Some More Happenings

Last weekend I checked out Soulive at the 930 Club. I met up with Gary and had a few drinks and headed into the show. It was a Saturday, so I knew the show would run late. However, the band did not take the stage until 11:30 pm and at one o'clock the first set was not even finished. I had to leave shortly there after, since my dancing was slowing and my bed was calling. I guess I should have taken a nap after my bike ride that morning.

I also got to catch the new Zorro movie. I am a big fan of the masked crusader. His newest film was filled with Hollywood action and cheesy lines. I loved it! At the end, as he is riding off into the sunset and the film freezes on the frame of him with Tornado; it is exactly how the original Zorro starring Tyron Powers ends. I just hope that it is not Zorro's last ride as the title suggests.

On Sunday, I woke up in time to get a quick run in, shower, and make it down to the soup kitchen in DC. I have been trying to volunteer here regulary. It is fun and I have been meeting some cool people.

That is most of what I have been up to lately. If you notice, I have made a few changes on the blog. I am trying to add some content to it. If suggestions or if you want me to add a link to your website, let me know.

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