Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Environment is a Good Thing

The busiest (26 hurricanes) and costliest (over $100 billion) Atlantic hurricane season on record finally ends today. The end to the season comes just as members of the Kyoto Protocol are discussing the next goals that need to be taken over the next decade and beyond. Hopefully the US will wise up and join. With the actions of every country being felt down-wind, it is very important that the world take action to curb/delay what is becoming the inevitable. The warming, the storms, the droughts, the rising of oceans, and so many other things are big indicators that the next century or two will not be as pleasant as the 20th century. It is too bad that our administration has forgot about the environment over the last several years. Hopefully the grassroots movements will change that as awareness is spread. This is something that can not be ignored forever. The cost is too high for even the US to afford in the long run.

In personal news...I have been trying to get my car licensed in MD. This is not an easy task. Monday I went for inspection. It cost $100 to fail the inspection. Once I finish the repairs, then it will only cost $40 to get it passed. So, I then found a reputable Honda shop and brought my car there today. I just got the call with costs and what would be needed to get my car repaired. When he called and was going over all the things that the inspector said I needed to fix, my head was swelling at the cost. The inspector told me that my car was doing great considering the 260K miles I have on it. The car repair man said that I got off easy on the inspection, since there are several other things he missed. Thank goodness! However, I am not feeling lucky. I am feeling ripped off by the MD gov't for requiring this. My co-workers think I am getting off lucky. They have heard much worse horror stories on the costs of getting your car inspected. At least I only have to do this once.

So, I need rear brakes, Tie-rod, alignment, headlamp cover for my headlight, new axel and CV boot, and wiper blades. The car guy is throwing in the wiper blades. How nice, oh boy! To bad I just bought new blades less than three months ago. This is costing me $1435. Aaarrrggghhh! (that is how the pirates say it)

Once my repairs are done today, then I will go to the DMV tomorrow. It will cost $128 for plates and tags. I also have to pay taxes on my car. This will be for whatever value the state of MD decides. Then I will pay between 3-5% of the value for taxes. But it doesn't stop there.

Within a couple of months, I will receive a notice that my car needs to go through emissions testing. I am not sure of the cost of this, but I am sure it is not free.

Ok. This sucks, but I can't get let it get me down. My spirits are running to high today. I have an amazing week ahead of me, starting tonight;-)

I have a concert Friday (Phil Lesh) and then one more a week later (Rusted Root). This will end my 2005 concert season. I don't have any more shows to go too since I have been running a tight budget with my current job. Therefore, I will have to wait till Feb. to become a permanent employee and that is when I will start getting paid a little better and can buy tickets again. Shouldn't everyone have these type of problems:) (Just to make sure you know, I was being sarcastic back there.)

There is some good news in the bill area. My landlord tried to scare me with the heating costs. However, there is relief there. The yard doesn't need to be mowed anymore. This cost helps offset the heating cost by over half!

Alright. I need to get back to this conference call that is running ALL day!

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