Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Can You Tell A Difference? Traffic Woes...

When you steered your computer to my blog today, did you notice a difference when it loaded? Take a close look. Okay, okay, okay...if you don't see any differences, I will tell you.

I have been trying my hand at html. The big changes are in the sidebar. I added a link to my pictures on However, right now I only have three pictures there. I will be adding lots very soon, since I have been working on processing my pictures as well. Also, I added a weather box so that you always can tell what type of weather I am experiencing at the moment or if you start to wonder what the weather is at your place, you can find out. In addition, I added a section for the books I am reading at the moment. I added an email icon. I centered a few things, widened a few things, and basically tried to make the page look and feel better.

I am pretty new to the html world. Before now all I knew how to do was make text bold, create a link, and skip to the next line. Now I am learning fast and hope to keep changing this page till I can take my skills to Bill Gates and say, "Ha, look at that." To which his reply will probably be, "Who are you? Guards!"

Anyway, I have begun the process to apply for grad school. This feels like a daunting task. But attending school without applying and getting accepted first, will not help me get a degree. The online part is fairly easy. The essays are the next easiest. Going to the effort to obtain and send out all of the letters of recommendations, transcripts, resumes, and other junk is the hardest part. However, as a constant, daily reminder that this is all easier than working is my commute to and from my job. Let me ask you this...

Why does everybody like to go to work at the same time everyday? Is it because you like to hang out with all the other people inching along as they go to work? Do you look forward to the, "oh, we are moving...oh, we are stopped" every five seconds. Maybe the motion of the stop and go is somehow relaxing and soothes you on your way to and from work. I find it remarkable that people do this everyday for years and most travel farther and for longer period of times than I do. Not only do people do this in the morning, but just when you think that they must have had enough, everyone decides to return home at the same time too. Once again they inch along with all their commuting buddies, pretending that they don't know each, even though they see each other all the time. In fact, maybe that is the answer! Next time I find myself creeping along the street, I will try to make conversation with my commuting buddies. This will not only occupy my time, but will allow me to meet my fellow DCers. If I have people to chat with the time will go by quicker and I will feel involved in their lives, and then I will start to look forward to meeting up with my commuting buddies, so that I can find out the details of their day and how Frankie Jr. is getting over his cold (This sentence ran on just like my commute). The most I can hope for is that I don't make them mad and that they speak english. I will let you know how it goes.

In other news...NY was great. I saw Galactic on Saturday night. They played the best show I have ever seen them play. From song 1 to the end of the second set was just pumping. I should not have stayed for the encore, since it appeared that the band finally was winding down and losing their energy. Also, I got to see Joseph, one of the crazy people I biked with this summer. I met him in Brooklyn, we had breakfast for lunch, and walked through Prospect Park for a while.

It appears that there will be no more traveling till the end of next month. However, if I get a warm weekend, I am going to try to head out to the nearby mountains for a hike and some camping.

Come and look back soon for some new pics!

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