Friday, October 28, 2005

It Is Halloween Time!!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I already carved a pumpkin a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, they don't last that long. So, instead of putting it on top of my set of lincoln logs and trying to save it for next year (remember that one mom), I threw it out with intentions to carve another one. However, I don't have my carving tools...they are at a friends house. This works, since I will be in Chicago this weekend. I should clarify this. I have spent the last two Halloweens in Chicago. My friends there have made it always a wonderful experience. So, in trying to keep with tradition, I will venture there again. However, as soon as I arrive, I am being taken out of the city and into Minnesota. Winona, MN to be exact. Why has nobody ever heard of this place? Because it is in MN and it is really small. But they have an annual ultimate frisbee competition/Halloween party. MY friend Roman and I will be playing frisbee, while consuming beer and wearing our costumes. I am sure this will once again be a Halloween never to forget. Yes, I will take pictures.

I am dressing up as a "one night stand" this year. I made it the other day and it looked great. I use past tense, since I then had to tear it down, fold it, fold it again, andthen smash my foot on it to get it to fit into my suitcase. I have requested lots of duct tape, staples and scissors, so that the costume can be restored upon my arrival.

This past week has been eventful. I have been interviewing, submitting resumes, and hounding business to hire me. I will probably get this job at Aspen Systems that I applied for, but not sure how I will like it. Everything here is very corporate. Which only means that everyone dresses up, works in cubicles, and generally has an air of "Office Space" flowing through it. I have seen that movie a lot of times. I wrote a paper on it in college. But I have never experienced it to the degree that I find in DC. There is one place in particular that I temped at and really enjoyed myself. It is at TV One. They are an African American cable channel. I did some marketing work on a PowerPoint for them. It looked pretty good, but they should have asked me to do the whole thing. Anyway, they have an Operations position open and they encouraged me to apply. The marketing guy talked to the operations guy and things were set in motion, but they are not on my time-table. Hopefully I will be interviewing next week.

Other than that. Things are cooling off and the trees are turning. The colors are awesome. Fall our in CO, just can't compete with the forest in the east. This past weekend I got so relaxed on my cousins boat. I slept well, ate well, and got lots of peaceful time to myself. I didn't really want to leave, but I didn't want to miss the concert either. The show was good, the last of their tour. I think they were ready for it to be over with. There was no talk of sadness about going home and leaving the raod for a while. I don't blame them, it is hard traveling for months at a time and always sleeping and being somewhere new.

Friday I met up with the Pattersons for dinner. Ellen is a great cook! I had two big plate fulls of everything...roast, potatos, carrots, salad, green beans, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I thought after biking, that I would be done talking about food, but I still love it just as much, even if I can't eat as much.

The last couple of days I was temping for the National Council for Social Studies (NCSS). They are a non-profit. The temp that was working there got hurt (off the job) and missed a couple of days. They were very pleased with my work and didn't really want me to leave, so I said hire me. It didn't work. Now I am at Eagle Design and Management, Inc. They are a gov't contractor for all sorts of things, but I have no idea what those things are. There website is to vague for me to figure it out. Maybe by the end of today or Monday I will figure it out.

I like getting to work in all these differnt places and environments. It is giving a good perspective...mainly of what I don't want. Which is good to know. I am also meeting people and making contacts. Some of them have given me good leads about other jobs and companies.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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