Monday, October 31, 2005

Another Wonderful Halloween Weekend Has Passed

Happy Halloween!

This past weekend felt like one big day. After a full day of working at my current temp position, I headed out to the airport. My plane was a little late, but nothing to be upset about. I arrived to the baggage claim area with Roman waiting at the carrousels for me. I met his ultimate frisbee teammate, Alex.

We headed towards the rental car counter. We got a red sedan and hit the road. I had looked up the location of Winona, MN that morning and realized that I would be passing through Madison, WI. So I arranged to meet up with one of my friends from this past summer's bike trip. It worked out great!

The car pulled into the driveway around 1 am. Inside we were greeted with tea and snacks. maeve had even picked up cheese curds! I had been talking up cheese curds in the car and how over the summer I had some of the greatest curds and ice cream in Wisconsin. After we talked and ate for a couple of hours, we hit the sack. Less than four hours later, I woke up and realized we had slept through three alarm clocks. We were going to be late.

Up we got and I cooked a little breakfast before we got back to cruising down the highway. The drive between Madison and Winona was gorgeous. The fall colors were awesome and brilliant on the rolling hills. It often looked like a bunch of sno cones stacked closely together. By eleven we were in Winona.

We continued on to the ultimate frisbee fields, to take part in the 11th Annual HalloWinona Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. When we found our team, they were just finishing up there first game, which they won. I was introduced and the next game started. All the teams were in costume. This was a spectacle to see, however, I had a hard time learning who was on my team and who was just another angel, vampire, witch, or 80's prom queen gone bad.

After our second win, we had lunch and prepared for the next couple of games. We did not win these next two games, but we got some great bruises, twists, scrapes, and lots of dancing in. With our spirits and energy low, we went to eat some pasta and start getting ready for the towns big Halloween bash. Someone on the team went to school in Winona and hooked us up with lodging. So I got a great shower, some food, and met several of the locals...Betty Boop, Googs, 80's mom, Frog, and some others without any particular name.

The town of Winona is not big, so this was the only party. The town has a shuttle bus that runs a loop to all the hotels and several other stops. It picks you up and drops you off at the party. This was very convenient. The party had a local band that was playing great covers and a few originals. Everyone was in costume! About 500 people filled the bars floor, balcony, and deck. There was free beer to all. The party ended around 2 am, with lots of tired looking faces. Instead of waiting on the bus, we got a cab and mad it back to our house in no time.

After staying up a till light was coming through the windows and not getting much sleep again, I woke up to the thoughts of playing more frisbee. However, my body was in pain. I was so sore from all the running, sliding, and falling from the day before, plus I was a little hung over. So, with a little slowness I was ready and back on the field. We won our first and lost our second, which brought our record to 3-3. After sharing our thoughts on the weekend, we said our goobyes and were back on the road. I stopped by Maeve's and dropped off the sleeping bag we had borrowed. She was going off to work and we were running short on time, so we only stayed a few minutes. Next time I see Maeve will be at least two years from now, after she gets back from helping the Peace Corp in Thailand.

I arrived at the airport, returned the car, made it to my gate and fell asleep. I woke up as the last few people were boarding the plane. Luckily it was not full and I was able to find a aisle seat. After putting my bag under my seat I was asleep again. When the plane hit the ground in Baltimore, I woke up and proceeded to get to my car. I drove home and passed out again.

Now I am at work, wondering if I could do my Yoga class tonight in costume.

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