Thursday, July 14, 2005

Thanks, venting, and more...

I just lost my huge posting. I will do my best to recreate most of it, but I am running our of time.

Thanks to all who are reading my blog. HBC recieved some complaints when my link was put on their website. It seems that some people don't like to look at my but. I think it is cute. I have had it all my life. If you don't like, I am sorry. Please don't scroll that far down again. But do you really have to make phone calls. Does it really offend you that much? It is my but, not yours. Please feel free to enlighten me as to why you are offended. My email is Thanks for letting me vent.

Now on to the good stuff...

We are Butte, MT today and tomorrow. We have a build day tomorrow. It should be great! Todays ride was beautiful. I saw an antelope, big mountains, green "blue" grass (there is a company that grows a lot of sod out here), and big skies. Montana is the undiscovered beauty of America. I can't get enough of the scenery.

I got in today and went to find food. I rode upon the Great Harvest Bread Company. I had a pastrami with swiss on spinach-feta bread. It was great! Then it was off to the library to write this post.

Most everyone is ready for two nights in a row with a roof over our head. We are having dinner at 5:30 and then the rest of the evening is wide open.

To back track a little. The best part of the Parks that we visited was on the way to the Tetons. We had lunch on a lake near the continental divide. While I was sitting on a rock at the edge of the lake a bald eagle came flying in over the lake. It perched itself on a branch in one of the trees. It sat for a few minutes then swooped down and dipped its claws in the water and flew back up into another tree. It repeated this behavior two more times. It was awesome to see a bald eagle fishing. It was huge. Steve S. reminded us that they can lift up to 30 lbs., which means that it could run off with a whole box of our food. Luckily we didn't find out if this was true.

Thanks for all the mail! The food and letters are great! We all send our love!

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