Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Powder River Pass is No Joke!

Today we rode over Powder River Pass and into the big town of Ten Sleep, population 302. We gained over 5,000 ft. in elevation. It was 35 miles uphill. Needless to say, it was slow going. I reached the top after 3hrs. and 15min. Most people made it in under 4hrs. It was definitely our hardest climbing day to date. After lunch and a couple of bottles of champagne, we rode down the other side. The other side consisted of over 20 miles of downhill. Wow! We cruised past gorgeous scenery in the Ten Sleep Canyon. There were huge cliffs, a river flowing strongly for this time of year (usually the rivers are drying up by now, but it has been a wet spring), and an amazing lake near the Big Horn Ski Resort.

Upon arriving into Ten Sleep, I put my bike away and headed towards an ice cream shop. I got home made Maple Nut ice cream in a waffle cone. It was delicious!

Yesterday we rode into Buffalo, WY. The town sits right by the Big Horn Mountains. It reminded me a lot of Boulder. I highly recommend this place and Hwy 16 running west towards Ten Sleep as a place to visit. I am on the laundry crew at the moment, so I helped wash and dry eight loads of laundry. Thank goodness we didn't have to fold them all. We also had a man, named Darrell, join us at lunch to ride into town. He is about 60 and just moved to Buffalo about 3 years ago, when he retired. He gave us awesome maps of our climb today. Then, this morning we had a man that runs a photography business on Main Street, named Bill, join us for our climb to the top of the pass. He was a great rider, but was unable to celebrate with us at the top, since he had to get to work. Tomorrow we have a 115 mile day. Wish us luck!

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