Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Our Last Day Off

Today is our last day off. How did we spend it? Working on a Habitat house! It was the first day that anyone has worked on the house. There was absolutely nothing there. I worked with a few people to move dirt and rocks. Our task was to formed ramps for all the trucks to go over the curbs and sidewalks. This required lots and lots of wheelbarrel loads. All of our arms were very tired from the shoveling. Other people put doors on the sheds, that would house tools and supplies. People made saw horses, put up the Habitat sign in the front, and many other jobs where taking place that I couldn't tell what was going on. I met one of the future owners, Niki, but she was not working with us today. The house will be completed before the end of November.

Yesterday we rode from Polson to Colin's uncle's house (about 25 miles). It sits on a lake in Dayton, MT. It was awesome. We went out on the water in a blow up row boat, an inner tube, and a sail boat. We spent all morning, afternoon, and evening eating, drinking, and playing in the water. We barbecued hamburgers, chicken, and vegetables for our meals. They were wonderful. At some point, I think we all forgot we were on a bike trip. I was sure that we flown to the area and were on vacation for a week.

Some people completed the ride to Kalispell, but many of us stuck around. I napped, helped make dinner, and watched Happy Gilmore ( I know I haven't seen this movie more than 200 times). At some point several of us walked over to the local winery for a tasting. I got a quick tour of the winery from the owner, but was only allowed to take a picture with the barrels. I am not sure why, I couldn't tell if I was looking at any secrets.

Around 10 pm, we piled into the van and went to the church for the night. It felt great to sleep in till 7:30 am. I think we all needed the sleep. Now we have lots of biking and 3 nights of camping left in our journey across the US. We are all looking forward to the end, but would like to hold off reality for a while longer.

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