Friday, July 22, 2005

One More State to Go!

Today I have come to Sandpoint, ID. I took an alternate route from the group and covered 99 miles today (the group covered 85, but it was a busier road). It was very scenic and virtually not a car in sight for over 50 miles of the day. Tomorrow I will be in the state of Washington. We have eight days of biking! That is it! About 600 miles or so till the finish. We are all getting excited.

Thank you all for the mail! I will be eating healthy for a week with all the moon pies, skittles, brownies, cookies, and other wonderful foods that were sent to me and others.

The rest of the group encountered a killer today. He was backpacking on the side of the road. No one knew it till lunch, but the police were searching for him. After lunch, several of the riders saw him in hand-cuffs on the side of the road. Crazy! One rider remarked that he said "hello" as he rode by. Then remarked, "He seemed like a nice guy." So, don't pick up hitch hikers near the border is the leasson that we learned today.

The library is closing, so I must go. Adios.

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