Monday, July 18, 2005

Montana is Gorgeous!

I am in Polson, MT. Yesterday we rode to Missoula. I started very early, compared to the rest of the group, so that I could beat the wind, that was sure to pick up. After arriving, my buddy for the day and I picked up breakfast at the Uptown Cafe. It was great! We rode around town and I decided that is my favorite Montana town.

After setting up camp behind the YMCA, a few of us went to town to hitch a ride to the river. We were planning on tubing down the river for a few hours. After we rented our tubes, the owner offered us a ride. We waited a while for him to get off work. In that time we picked up a local who was walking by, named Wes. he goes to the university in town. On the way to the river the owner stopped at the liquor store, because he said we couldn't float down the river without beer. Who could argue with that? When we got to the water, several people were putting their tubes in as well. We had so much fun floating down the river. We spun, bobbed in the rapids, and saw a bald eagle with chicks in a nest. After we had floated for a while, my tube popped on a rock. I was standing in the water waving at my friends. All I could hear was their laugh. Luckily some people in a canoe were floating by at the same time. They picked me up after they stopped laughing. When trying to get into their canoe I tipped it over. Oops! Now I was rowing down the river. They carried me to the drop off point. While walking back to the store to get our bikes, we ended up selling our remaining tubes to some people in a car. It seems that the whole town was sold out of tubes. This helped offset the cost of paying for my tube. What luck.

Today we were told that Hwy 93 in Montana is one of the worst roads in the US. How could a road in Montana be the worst? No one lives here! So the alternate route was planned and we were told that their could be dirt roads. I decided to go against the grain. So John M. and I went on Hwy 93. It was ok. It did have some traffic, but their were nice shoulders. After we reached SR 200, we decided to try to meet up with the group for lunch. A lady had told us that the construction was getting to get bad. So, we went down the road to the next turn and saw no chalking. We decided that the group was behind us, in front of us, or on a different road. We had lunch at a the entrance to the Buffalo National Park. We saw no Bison, but it was pretty. You can see the ripples on the side of the mountains from where the old ocean used to be. Pretty cool. After lunch we found a house with a lady who offered us cokes. Yea! We were given new directions and followed them. It worked beautifully and 93 isn't so bad. I am being kicked off the computer. Gotta go...

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