Thursday, July 21, 2005

Last day in Montana

Tomorrow morning we will ride the last 30 miles to the border of Idaho. I have really enjoyed Montana. Todays ride was easy despite the hills, occasional head wind, and the awful Montana drivers. Several people rode in the van to lunch after they were freaked out by how close the cars and trucks were riding by them. I am usually comfortable with such things, but I even felt uncomfortable a few times. For me it was the logging trucks...they don't like bikers. Even with a wide open left lane, they frequently came with a foot or two of us. After the first 30 miles, we had a nice shoulder to ride on for the remainder of the day (60 more miles).

Now I am in Libby, MT. I came straight to the library, so I have no idea what the conditions will be like tonight. I know we are camping again. Tomorrow is our last mail drop, so we will eat well for one last week as we finish this trip. Thank you family and friends!

The librarians here are not very friendly. One lady upstairs grabbed the mouse of the computer out of my hand to tell me that I could not use the computers upstairs for internet access (there were two people in the library besides me and no one was using the card catalog and there were two computers for the card catalog). So, I came downstairs and sat down on the floor against a wall to wait for a computer. There are only three. I was then told by the lady downstairs that there are seats in another section of the room. I asked if she would like me to move to that area. She said, "Well this is a library." So I got up and moved. I have not experienced this in any other library in the country. I guess there are no kids in this library for a reason.

Last night we had vegetable stew for dinner, which was great. We then watched "Hammer and Cycle". It is a documentary about our trip made along the southern 2003 route. I have watched it a few times, but this was the first time since actually being on the trip. I decided that the movie was not the best indicator of our trip. It seemed as though the people never had fun and that there was always problems going on. I guess this tactic was used to create drama. However, my trip is not like the video. I think most people on this trip would agree.

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