Saturday, July 02, 2005

I Am In the West

I feel that once I had crossed into Wyoming, that I finally was in the West. Today we went from Rapid City, SD to New Castle, WY. We saw Mt. Rushmore this morning. People had the same reaction I did years ago. They all said it was smaller than they had imagined. From there we continued on through the Black Hills. And yes, they are hilly. We did 85 miles of up and down.

I saw Crazy Horse from a distance. Also, we went by Jewel Cave, which I had also seen before. It is a pretty neat cave. Outside the area has been plagued by fires, like so much of the West. The big one in this area happened in 2000.

It feels great to be so close to Colorado, Boulder, and the mountains. Tomorrow we will travel on a fairly flat terrain. Hopefully the wind will not be bad. July 4th will be our much needed day off. We have a work day in Gillespie, which should be fun. The lady here at the church says the city puts on a great firework show. After tomorrow we will have been riding for ten days straight. I am exhausted!

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