Monday, July 25, 2005

East Washington Has Mountains!

I always thought that east Washington was flat. However I was wrong...very wrong! I guess the flat desert is in southern Washington. Today I climbed over Sherman's Pass. It was 4500 ft. of climbing. At the top I found some climbers. They were from Boulder! I got to do a climb. After completing the climb, Kelly ( one of the people from boulder) tried it. She made it half way, but the rocks were loose and kept coming off the mountain. At one point several big rocks fell from the top and that ended the climb. It wasn't worth the risk. I am glad those rocks stayed put while I was climbing. Either way, it was a blast to get the oppotunity to climb.

A couple of days ago, we went to Marshall Lake in Newport, WA. We got to take out motor boats to a rope swing. This was the biggest and best rope swing I had ever seen. They had three different levels. We all stuck to the first level. This swing would swing you way out over the water and you would drop at least 15-20 into the water. The hardest part was just swimming back, since you went so far out over the lake. The second time I hit the water sideways and was red for several minutes. Some locals came over and attempted the third step. Crazy!!! These guys flew so far out over the water and must have dropped over 30 feet into the water. After the sun went behind the mountains we went back to our campsite. It was Akshay the Leader's birthday, so we celebrated with more food. Awesome! Then it was off to play capture the flag with all the kids from the park. I took the easy job of protecting the flag. I stood around intimidating the little kids, so they couldn't get the flag, while drinking a beer. I call that multi-tasking!

Yesterday I rode to Colville, WA. It was about 85 miles. I got in early, since I took a short-cut. I got to help set out all the tables and chairs for dinner. Also, I got to place all the fruits and cookies onto trays. That was the best part. They had so many different kinds of cookies! I ate one of each, along with several pieces of all the fruits. Then I took a nap as I waited for the others. Dinner was a barbecue, which we all enjoyed. I had salad, four different kinds of past salad, three cheese burgers, one hotdog, five more cookies, one brownie, ans several more pieces of fruit. I love biking!

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