Monday, July 18, 2005


The build day in Butte was great. I learned how to lay laminate flooring and I helped put on some metal corners on the drywall. We did a great job and finished more than I thought we would have. There were 5 houses being built and all will be finished in less than two weeks. This is the biggest job that Habitat has performed in Butte.

Butte seems like it was a great town at one time, but now it is a little run down. It has lots of bars and a really nice library. On our night off I was sleeping and missed the van to go to the bar. I went out on my own and found a bar called Mr. Ed's. I spent the night talking to some locals and played a few games of pool. Everyone there thought I was crazy for biking across the US. The car salesman tried to convince me that I would get there faster if I bought one of his cars. I just told him that the cost of maintenance was much lower with a bicycle.

Now that I have talked to others, who tried to follow the directions, their day was shorter in miles, but longer in hours and grief. They had to shuttle the bikes across dirt roads. This resulted in missed lunches, broken bikes (from all the bouncing around in the trailer on the dirt road), and a long time waiting. There were only two others that hitch-hiked to town, which made their day very short in miles. I am unsure why they took so long to get here though. People have not been the happiest as they are arriving. Today must have been frustrating. We started at 7 am and it is now five and only about half the group has arrived. That makes for a very long day. We will sleep well tonight!

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