Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Last night we were treated to 45 pounds of lasagna, fruits, salads,
potatoes, and a table filled with 8 different types of cakes. It was
amazing to look at it all. There was red velvet, cinammon swirl, XXX
chocalate chip, milk chocolate, lemon, butter pecan, strawberry, and
one other that I can't remember. Oh yea...there were also two plates
full of carrot and raisan cup cakes. However, about 45 minutes after
saying grace, there was not much left to look at. I might have eaten
more at this meal, than any other on the whole trip. And that is
saying a lot. I was hurting for at least an hour, while my body tried
to deal with the three plates of food, one cup cake, and four slices
of cake.

This morning we were greeted with a carnival. In fact, the carnival
is not over with! Several of the guys have planned games, prizes, and
a raffle for us. It was to take breaks and play the games. I have 18
points right now. I made the first ringer today on the bike tire
toss. You have to throw the tire over a road marker. Then there was
"Coke or Pepsi" Challenge. I lost in this one. Then we had to take
shots of gatorade through the luge. Have you seen the ice luges they
use in bars? They usually send shots of liquor down them. Well, in
our version. we poured gatorade through a pool spaghetti flotation
device (I am not sure what it is called, but it has a whole through
the center). It was pretty funny watching us on the side of the road.

Next stop, was the "Dunk the Drunk". Here we had Colin with a water
cooler. If you hit the sign with the ball. Colin would dunk his head
in the cooler. It was hot today, so he was only mad when you missed.
Then, we had David B. on the "3 Card Monty". All you had to do was
follow the queen of hearts. However, David made this difficult by
hiding them in his hands and shuffling, rather than just keep them on
the card board box. Chad and I guessed right all three times and won a
moon pie (thanks dad and Carol) and a candy necklace. We all are
waiting for the raffle this evening.

Today's ride was long, even with our fun breaks. We climbed this
morning for the first 20ish miles. Then down to lunch at mile 45 was
great. This is when we played the games. After lunch the wind
starting blowing till I got done. It was grueling. I had almost
forgot, since we had been in the mountains so long, that the wind can
blow very hard. At lunch, David S. and Steve S. where talking about
how they wanted some flats and were tired of climbing. I always
disagree, since I like the mountains. Well, they got their flats.
Maybe they had forgotten about the wind that comes with the flats as

Tomorrow we climb our fourth pass in four days. Wednesday we will
climb our last pass, which will make five for five. I hope you
enjoyed the pictures. I am sending this post by email, so the format
may be off, but I had to try it sometime.

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