Friday, July 01, 2005

The Badlands!

We visited Badlands National Park yesterday. It was our first night of camping. Everything went great. We set up camp without a hitch. I went hiking with Chad. We climbed to the top of two peaks. They were pretty high up and Chad had never done anything like it. It was great. Almost everyone who went hiking, came back with scrapes on their hands, arms, and legs. We had a great time comparing our wounds.

We had pasta for dinner. However, I also had two burgers from the nearby cafe. I had one about three hours before I had the next and then 2 hours went by before dinner, so it all worked out. Throughout the evening we all drank and sang songs. It was a blast! We all were ready to stay for several nights. Unfortunately, this was not going to come true.

We woke up about 5 a.m., as usual, and packed up everything. We had about 75 miles to ride today. We got on the rode about 7 a.m. and quickly stopped for coffee and hot chocolate. I had two buddies today and the road was fairly desolate, only the occasional car.

We beat the rain by about 15 min. and were grateful. Tomorrow we will get to see Mt. Rushmore and head into Wyoming. The mountains are coming and I can't wait!

Have a happy Fourth of July!!

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