Saturday, July 23, 2005

Art Walk 2005 in Sandpoint, ID

I am in still in Idaho. We have to bike about 30-40 miles today, but we wanted to chill in Sandpoint a little longer. It is a beautiful town with a huge lake, beach, and mountains surrounding it. There appears to be lots of growth happening here. The atmosphere is very much like Boulder, CO. This morning I walked to lake and then sat in a diner to eat my second breakfast.

Last night started the annual Art Walk in town. It is when all the local artists display their work in galleries, shops, cafes, and just about everywhere they can. It is one big party the town puts on. Each place has wine, beer, horderves, and lots of art. It is really cool! I met some fun people as we traveled in and out of each shop. It ends at 8:30 and we were right by a theater. Since the movie had already started we were able to walk right into the theater. We sat down and watched the last hour of a documentary titled "Red Hot Ballroom". It is about 4th and 5th graders in NYC that take ballroom dancing as part of their curriculum and compete against each other. It was cute and funny.

Afterwards we walked out and ran into some the people we met earlier. They were going swimming in the lake and so we followed them. By the time we reached the lake, there were about 10 of us. We jumped in by the minature statue of liberty. It felt refreshing and cool. Then it was onto the swings to dry off. Soon after we all split apart, I met up with David Brummert from my trip. He is not old enough for the bars, so I told him to come walk down to the lake. We found some kids playing basketball. They asked us if we were ready to play. We took them on HBC style. They got worried when we started to catch-up and then pull ahead in points. They finally beat us after going back and forth for half an hour on who was in the lead. They couldn't believe that we did so well. Neither could we! It was a wonderful evening that had to come to an end, because my legs were going to fall off.

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