Friday, July 29, 2005

We Have Found The Coast!

We are in Mukilteo, WA! We can see the water. It is very exciting. We will ride to the end tomorrow morning.

I will write a final post about this trip in a few days. Also, I will be continue to post to this address occasionally. Don't forget...send in your donations. Click on the donate link to the right to find out how.

In addition, feel free to email me with any questions or requests for pictures at

Thanks so much for reading. I have enjoyed sharing our trip with all of you.

- David

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Last night we were treated to 45 pounds of lasagna, fruits, salads,
potatoes, and a table filled with 8 different types of cakes. It was
amazing to look at it all. There was red velvet, cinammon swirl, XXX
chocalate chip, milk chocolate, lemon, butter pecan, strawberry, and
one other that I can't remember. Oh yea...there were also two plates
full of carrot and raisan cup cakes. However, about 45 minutes after
saying grace, there was not much left to look at. I might have eaten
more at this meal, than any other on the whole trip. And that is
saying a lot. I was hurting for at least an hour, while my body tried
to deal with the three plates of food, one cup cake, and four slices
of cake.

This morning we were greeted with a carnival. In fact, the carnival
is not over with! Several of the guys have planned games, prizes, and
a raffle for us. It was to take breaks and play the games. I have 18
points right now. I made the first ringer today on the bike tire
toss. You have to throw the tire over a road marker. Then there was
"Coke or Pepsi" Challenge. I lost in this one. Then we had to take
shots of gatorade through the luge. Have you seen the ice luges they
use in bars? They usually send shots of liquor down them. Well, in
our version. we poured gatorade through a pool spaghetti flotation
device (I am not sure what it is called, but it has a whole through
the center). It was pretty funny watching us on the side of the road.

Next stop, was the "Dunk the Drunk". Here we had Colin with a water
cooler. If you hit the sign with the ball. Colin would dunk his head
in the cooler. It was hot today, so he was only mad when you missed.
Then, we had David B. on the "3 Card Monty". All you had to do was
follow the queen of hearts. However, David made this difficult by
hiding them in his hands and shuffling, rather than just keep them on
the card board box. Chad and I guessed right all three times and won a
moon pie (thanks dad and Carol) and a candy necklace. We all are
waiting for the raffle this evening.

Today's ride was long, even with our fun breaks. We climbed this
morning for the first 20ish miles. Then down to lunch at mile 45 was
great. This is when we played the games. After lunch the wind
starting blowing till I got done. It was grueling. I had almost
forgot, since we had been in the mountains so long, that the wind can
blow very hard. At lunch, David S. and Steve S. where talking about
how they wanted some flats and were tired of climbing. I always
disagree, since I like the mountains. Well, they got their flats.
Maybe they had forgotten about the wind that comes with the flats as

Tomorrow we climb our fourth pass in four days. Wednesday we will
climb our last pass, which will make five for five. I hope you
enjoyed the pictures. I am sending this post by email, so the format
may be off, but I had to try it sometime.

Monday, July 25, 2005

New Pictures...and I Need Help

I have posted lots of new pictures. They are from Montana. They include camping, two build days, and more. Please enjoy!

I need help! I still have several hundred dollars to raise to reach my fundraising goal. If you have already given, please feel free to give again. If you are one of the many parents reading reading my blog and have enjoyed it, please donate in my name. If you haven't donated yet, please don't hesitate any longer.

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Thank you so much for your support. We will be in Seattle before you know it!

This is Earthquake Lake. In 1959 there was an earthquake that created a landslide. It damed up the river and killed dozens. This was taken from the ranger station. On the left side of the lake you can see some of the dead trees that poke out of the water all over the lake.

After arriving in Ennis, MT. It got hot. Several of us went to the river to cool off. It was fast and shallow, but very cool.

This is an antelope I saw as I was riding up a hill. He posed for the picture.

Here are a couple of the families and many of us in front of a home. There were five being built in Butte. They all are scheduled to be done on July 30th. We had a wonderful time working on the houses. Our legs thanked us for the break.

This is David B. taking a break from the heat. Building houses is exhausting.

Here are Steve, David S., and Chad (from right to left) working on the siding.

Here is Chad cutting some of the siding he was putting on the home.

One of our campsites in Montana. I believe it was the night before we rode to Missoula. We enjoyed the backdrop.

One of the reasons I love this trip...I get up early enough to see the sunrise and then I go to bed after the sunsets. This was by our campsite...just amazing. I never get tired of them.

We stopped at Colin's uncle's house. We sailed, swam, slept, relaxed, and ate a lot. It was wonderful, so we decided not to leave and have the van bring us to the church that night. As luck would have it, there was a winery about 100 yards from the house. We checked out several of the wines. (from right to, Colin, Danny, Katie, Diana, and Steve in red)

This is our campsite in Missoula. It was behind the YMCA. Don't ask why we could not stay inside. It wasn't our fault!

We worked on this site on the very first day that it opened. We thought that was a great way to kick start the project.

Here is the crew I was working with. We got to move rocks!

Here are Tori (right) and Summer (left) using power tools. Watch out!

Here is Ericka masterfully using the saw to cut some lumber. Erin is being a good manager, by supervising her work.

East Washington Has Mountains!

I always thought that east Washington was flat. However I was wrong...very wrong! I guess the flat desert is in southern Washington. Today I climbed over Sherman's Pass. It was 4500 ft. of climbing. At the top I found some climbers. They were from Boulder! I got to do a climb. After completing the climb, Kelly ( one of the people from boulder) tried it. She made it half way, but the rocks were loose and kept coming off the mountain. At one point several big rocks fell from the top and that ended the climb. It wasn't worth the risk. I am glad those rocks stayed put while I was climbing. Either way, it was a blast to get the oppotunity to climb.

A couple of days ago, we went to Marshall Lake in Newport, WA. We got to take out motor boats to a rope swing. This was the biggest and best rope swing I had ever seen. They had three different levels. We all stuck to the first level. This swing would swing you way out over the water and you would drop at least 15-20 into the water. The hardest part was just swimming back, since you went so far out over the lake. The second time I hit the water sideways and was red for several minutes. Some locals came over and attempted the third step. Crazy!!! These guys flew so far out over the water and must have dropped over 30 feet into the water. After the sun went behind the mountains we went back to our campsite. It was Akshay the Leader's birthday, so we celebrated with more food. Awesome! Then it was off to play capture the flag with all the kids from the park. I took the easy job of protecting the flag. I stood around intimidating the little kids, so they couldn't get the flag, while drinking a beer. I call that multi-tasking!

Yesterday I rode to Colville, WA. It was about 85 miles. I got in early, since I took a short-cut. I got to help set out all the tables and chairs for dinner. Also, I got to place all the fruits and cookies onto trays. That was the best part. They had so many different kinds of cookies! I ate one of each, along with several pieces of all the fruits. Then I took a nap as I waited for the others. Dinner was a barbecue, which we all enjoyed. I had salad, four different kinds of past salad, three cheese burgers, one hotdog, five more cookies, one brownie, ans several more pieces of fruit. I love biking!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Art Walk 2005 in Sandpoint, ID

I am in still in Idaho. We have to bike about 30-40 miles today, but we wanted to chill in Sandpoint a little longer. It is a beautiful town with a huge lake, beach, and mountains surrounding it. There appears to be lots of growth happening here. The atmosphere is very much like Boulder, CO. This morning I walked to lake and then sat in a diner to eat my second breakfast.

Last night started the annual Art Walk in town. It is when all the local artists display their work in galleries, shops, cafes, and just about everywhere they can. It is one big party the town puts on. Each place has wine, beer, horderves, and lots of art. It is really cool! I met some fun people as we traveled in and out of each shop. It ends at 8:30 and we were right by a theater. Since the movie had already started we were able to walk right into the theater. We sat down and watched the last hour of a documentary titled "Red Hot Ballroom". It is about 4th and 5th graders in NYC that take ballroom dancing as part of their curriculum and compete against each other. It was cute and funny.

Afterwards we walked out and ran into some the people we met earlier. They were going swimming in the lake and so we followed them. By the time we reached the lake, there were about 10 of us. We jumped in by the minature statue of liberty. It felt refreshing and cool. Then it was onto the swings to dry off. Soon after we all split apart, I met up with David Brummert from my trip. He is not old enough for the bars, so I told him to come walk down to the lake. We found some kids playing basketball. They asked us if we were ready to play. We took them on HBC style. They got worried when we started to catch-up and then pull ahead in points. They finally beat us after going back and forth for half an hour on who was in the lead. They couldn't believe that we did so well. Neither could we! It was a wonderful evening that had to come to an end, because my legs were going to fall off.

Friday, July 22, 2005

One More State to Go!

Today I have come to Sandpoint, ID. I took an alternate route from the group and covered 99 miles today (the group covered 85, but it was a busier road). It was very scenic and virtually not a car in sight for over 50 miles of the day. Tomorrow I will be in the state of Washington. We have eight days of biking! That is it! About 600 miles or so till the finish. We are all getting excited.

Thank you all for the mail! I will be eating healthy for a week with all the moon pies, skittles, brownies, cookies, and other wonderful foods that were sent to me and others.

The rest of the group encountered a killer today. He was backpacking on the side of the road. No one knew it till lunch, but the police were searching for him. After lunch, several of the riders saw him in hand-cuffs on the side of the road. Crazy! One rider remarked that he said "hello" as he rode by. Then remarked, "He seemed like a nice guy." So, don't pick up hitch hikers near the border is the leasson that we learned today.

The library is closing, so I must go. Adios.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Last day in Montana

Tomorrow morning we will ride the last 30 miles to the border of Idaho. I have really enjoyed Montana. Todays ride was easy despite the hills, occasional head wind, and the awful Montana drivers. Several people rode in the van to lunch after they were freaked out by how close the cars and trucks were riding by them. I am usually comfortable with such things, but I even felt uncomfortable a few times. For me it was the logging trucks...they don't like bikers. Even with a wide open left lane, they frequently came with a foot or two of us. After the first 30 miles, we had a nice shoulder to ride on for the remainder of the day (60 more miles).

Now I am in Libby, MT. I came straight to the library, so I have no idea what the conditions will be like tonight. I know we are camping again. Tomorrow is our last mail drop, so we will eat well for one last week as we finish this trip. Thank you family and friends!

The librarians here are not very friendly. One lady upstairs grabbed the mouse of the computer out of my hand to tell me that I could not use the computers upstairs for internet access (there were two people in the library besides me and no one was using the card catalog and there were two computers for the card catalog). So, I came downstairs and sat down on the floor against a wall to wait for a computer. There are only three. I was then told by the lady downstairs that there are seats in another section of the room. I asked if she would like me to move to that area. She said, "Well this is a library." So I got up and moved. I have not experienced this in any other library in the country. I guess there are no kids in this library for a reason.

Last night we had vegetable stew for dinner, which was great. We then watched "Hammer and Cycle". It is a documentary about our trip made along the southern 2003 route. I have watched it a few times, but this was the first time since actually being on the trip. I decided that the movie was not the best indicator of our trip. It seemed as though the people never had fun and that there was always problems going on. I guess this tactic was used to create drama. However, my trip is not like the video. I think most people on this trip would agree.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Our Last Day Off

Today is our last day off. How did we spend it? Working on a Habitat house! It was the first day that anyone has worked on the house. There was absolutely nothing there. I worked with a few people to move dirt and rocks. Our task was to formed ramps for all the trucks to go over the curbs and sidewalks. This required lots and lots of wheelbarrel loads. All of our arms were very tired from the shoveling. Other people put doors on the sheds, that would house tools and supplies. People made saw horses, put up the Habitat sign in the front, and many other jobs where taking place that I couldn't tell what was going on. I met one of the future owners, Niki, but she was not working with us today. The house will be completed before the end of November.

Yesterday we rode from Polson to Colin's uncle's house (about 25 miles). It sits on a lake in Dayton, MT. It was awesome. We went out on the water in a blow up row boat, an inner tube, and a sail boat. We spent all morning, afternoon, and evening eating, drinking, and playing in the water. We barbecued hamburgers, chicken, and vegetables for our meals. They were wonderful. At some point, I think we all forgot we were on a bike trip. I was sure that we flown to the area and were on vacation for a week.

Some people completed the ride to Kalispell, but many of us stuck around. I napped, helped make dinner, and watched Happy Gilmore ( I know I haven't seen this movie more than 200 times). At some point several of us walked over to the local winery for a tasting. I got a quick tour of the winery from the owner, but was only allowed to take a picture with the barrels. I am not sure why, I couldn't tell if I was looking at any secrets.

Around 10 pm, we piled into the van and went to the church for the night. It felt great to sleep in till 7:30 am. I think we all needed the sleep. Now we have lots of biking and 3 nights of camping left in our journey across the US. We are all looking forward to the end, but would like to hold off reality for a while longer.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Montana is Gorgeous!

I am in Polson, MT. Yesterday we rode to Missoula. I started very early, compared to the rest of the group, so that I could beat the wind, that was sure to pick up. After arriving, my buddy for the day and I picked up breakfast at the Uptown Cafe. It was great! We rode around town and I decided that is my favorite Montana town.

After setting up camp behind the YMCA, a few of us went to town to hitch a ride to the river. We were planning on tubing down the river for a few hours. After we rented our tubes, the owner offered us a ride. We waited a while for him to get off work. In that time we picked up a local who was walking by, named Wes. he goes to the university in town. On the way to the river the owner stopped at the liquor store, because he said we couldn't float down the river without beer. Who could argue with that? When we got to the water, several people were putting their tubes in as well. We had so much fun floating down the river. We spun, bobbed in the rapids, and saw a bald eagle with chicks in a nest. After we had floated for a while, my tube popped on a rock. I was standing in the water waving at my friends. All I could hear was their laugh. Luckily some people in a canoe were floating by at the same time. They picked me up after they stopped laughing. When trying to get into their canoe I tipped it over. Oops! Now I was rowing down the river. They carried me to the drop off point. While walking back to the store to get our bikes, we ended up selling our remaining tubes to some people in a car. It seems that the whole town was sold out of tubes. This helped offset the cost of paying for my tube. What luck.

Today we were told that Hwy 93 in Montana is one of the worst roads in the US. How could a road in Montana be the worst? No one lives here! So the alternate route was planned and we were told that their could be dirt roads. I decided to go against the grain. So John M. and I went on Hwy 93. It was ok. It did have some traffic, but their were nice shoulders. After we reached SR 200, we decided to try to meet up with the group for lunch. A lady had told us that the construction was getting to get bad. So, we went down the road to the next turn and saw no chalking. We decided that the group was behind us, in front of us, or on a different road. We had lunch at a the entrance to the Buffalo National Park. We saw no Bison, but it was pretty. You can see the ripples on the side of the mountains from where the old ocean used to be. Pretty cool. After lunch we found a house with a lady who offered us cokes. Yea! We were given new directions and followed them. It worked beautifully and 93 isn't so bad. I am being kicked off the computer. Gotta go...


The build day in Butte was great. I learned how to lay laminate flooring and I helped put on some metal corners on the drywall. We did a great job and finished more than I thought we would have. There were 5 houses being built and all will be finished in less than two weeks. This is the biggest job that Habitat has performed in Butte.

Butte seems like it was a great town at one time, but now it is a little run down. It has lots of bars and a really nice library. On our night off I was sleeping and missed the van to go to the bar. I went out on my own and found a bar called Mr. Ed's. I spent the night talking to some locals and played a few games of pool. Everyone there thought I was crazy for biking across the US. The car salesman tried to convince me that I would get there faster if I bought one of his cars. I just told him that the cost of maintenance was much lower with a bicycle.

Now that I have talked to others, who tried to follow the directions, their day was shorter in miles, but longer in hours and grief. They had to shuttle the bikes across dirt roads. This resulted in missed lunches, broken bikes (from all the bouncing around in the trailer on the dirt road), and a long time waiting. There were only two others that hitch-hiked to town, which made their day very short in miles. I am unsure why they took so long to get here though. People have not been the happiest as they are arriving. Today must have been frustrating. We started at 7 am and it is now five and only about half the group has arrived. That makes for a very long day. We will sleep well tonight!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Thanks, venting, and more...

I just lost my huge posting. I will do my best to recreate most of it, but I am running our of time.

Thanks to all who are reading my blog. HBC recieved some complaints when my link was put on their website. It seems that some people don't like to look at my but. I think it is cute. I have had it all my life. If you don't like, I am sorry. Please don't scroll that far down again. But do you really have to make phone calls. Does it really offend you that much? It is my but, not yours. Please feel free to enlighten me as to why you are offended. My email is Thanks for letting me vent.

Now on to the good stuff...

We are Butte, MT today and tomorrow. We have a build day tomorrow. It should be great! Todays ride was beautiful. I saw an antelope, big mountains, green "blue" grass (there is a company that grows a lot of sod out here), and big skies. Montana is the undiscovered beauty of America. I can't get enough of the scenery.

I got in today and went to find food. I rode upon the Great Harvest Bread Company. I had a pastrami with swiss on spinach-feta bread. It was great! Then it was off to the library to write this post.

Most everyone is ready for two nights in a row with a roof over our head. We are having dinner at 5:30 and then the rest of the evening is wide open.

To back track a little. The best part of the Parks that we visited was on the way to the Tetons. We had lunch on a lake near the continental divide. While I was sitting on a rock at the edge of the lake a bald eagle came flying in over the lake. It perched itself on a branch in one of the trees. It sat for a few minutes then swooped down and dipped its claws in the water and flew back up into another tree. It repeated this behavior two more times. It was awesome to see a bald eagle fishing. It was huge. Steve S. reminded us that they can lift up to 30 lbs., which means that it could run off with a whole box of our food. Luckily we didn't find out if this was true.

Thanks for all the mail! The food and letters are great! We all send our love!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

New Pictures

I am in Ennis, Montana at a library and was able to get some pictures up for everyone. These are from Fourth of July to current. They are mostly in order, but a few got out of order. Please enjoy.

Today we had an awesome tailwind and flew through our 70 miles. After eating a wonderful breakfast at a cafe, (since we beat the van we had no lunch) several of us found a way into the river running through town. We waded in and dunked ourselves. The temperature got to over 100 degrees today. I can't believe Montana gets this hot! Now I am off to dinner. I have lots of good pics and stories from the Tetons and Yellowstone, but they will have to come at another time.


I found this under an overpass, while walking around Gillette. I thought it was pretty neat.

Here are, from left, Katie, Tori, MOF, and Diana lighting sparklers on the fourth. I was playing with my shutter speed, so this picture and the next few may look funny, but it was on purpose.

The is Steve. Was he going for "S" for Steve or for the Zorro symbol...only he and I know the truth.

Here are a few people shooting roman candles over the city.

This is from fourth of July in Gillette, WY. We this is just a bunch of the people watching the fireworks. Thanks to Katie's parents and brother who provided us with sparklers, black cats, and so many other toys for the evening. We had so much fun that night!

On this day we climbed to our highest peak. We also gained the most elevation in one single day. We climbed from Buffalo, WY at 4700 ft. to Powder River Pass at 9700 ft. It was awesome to see everyone finish. We celebrated with a 20 something mile down hill through Ten Sleep Canyon. The canyon was amazing, not only because we were going downhill. It had walls and cliffs of red rock and a winding road that followed the Wind River. This all led us into the town of Ten Sleep, which has about 300 residents.

This is one of the many views that we have seen in WY. I think this is the road that led us into Wind River Canyon.

Here is Maeve and I in Thermopolis. It is home to the largest Hot Mineral Springs in the World They are free too! Something to do with the agreement between the US and the Native Americans, when the land was signed over. Anyhow, I glad it was, because I felt so good getting out. Unfortunately the day was long and I had 55 miles to go and my legs were butter. Somehow I made we always do.

Here is the entrance to Yellowstone. It is Chad and I in the picture.

This is at Artist Point in Yellowstone. The canyon was formed in only 100,000 years, because of glaciers breaking off. It is extremely beautiful there. We saw moose and buffalo on the way to the falls as well.

This is one of the many geysers I saw erupt in Yellowstone, including Old Faithful. Everywhere I went I felt like these geysers were going off.

Here is Maeve and I by Morning Glory. It is a spectacular, colorful pool of hot water. The boardwalk that we are on was made out of plastic. The boardwalk saved over four million bottles of detergent from going into landfills. I thought it was cool.

Here is an elk that we saw in Yellowstone. It got up and stretched for us. Yellowstone was amazing!

Here are the Grand Tetons from a distance. We were headed into Yellowstone and had to stop for the view. This is, from left, Chad, Steve, and David.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It Has Been A While

Sorry for the lapse in writings, but I have been out of touch with the modern world. We have been going through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone Park in WY. They have been absolutely amazing! We have camped, ate, hiked, biked, walked, and some have crawled through beauty that I have never seen before. We have seen geysers, buffalos, elk, moose, coyote, deer, water falls, thick trees, burnt trees, purple lupine flowers (I know what it is because I saw it on a postcard), and so many other things.

I am now in West Yellewstone, Montanta. I am using someones computer to write this, so I will update again when I can find a computer to use for a while. Only 18 days and 1200ish miles left! has flown by.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Powder River Pass is No Joke!

Today we rode over Powder River Pass and into the big town of Ten Sleep, population 302. We gained over 5,000 ft. in elevation. It was 35 miles uphill. Needless to say, it was slow going. I reached the top after 3hrs. and 15min. Most people made it in under 4hrs. It was definitely our hardest climbing day to date. After lunch and a couple of bottles of champagne, we rode down the other side. The other side consisted of over 20 miles of downhill. Wow! We cruised past gorgeous scenery in the Ten Sleep Canyon. There were huge cliffs, a river flowing strongly for this time of year (usually the rivers are drying up by now, but it has been a wet spring), and an amazing lake near the Big Horn Ski Resort.

Upon arriving into Ten Sleep, I put my bike away and headed towards an ice cream shop. I got home made Maple Nut ice cream in a waffle cone. It was delicious!

Yesterday we rode into Buffalo, WY. The town sits right by the Big Horn Mountains. It reminded me a lot of Boulder. I highly recommend this place and Hwy 16 running west towards Ten Sleep as a place to visit. I am on the laundry crew at the moment, so I helped wash and dry eight loads of laundry. Thank goodness we didn't have to fold them all. We also had a man, named Darrell, join us at lunch to ride into town. He is about 60 and just moved to Buffalo about 3 years ago, when he retired. He gave us awesome maps of our climb today. Then, this morning we had a man that runs a photography business on Main Street, named Bill, join us for our climb to the top of the pass. He was a great rider, but was unable to celebrate with us at the top, since he had to get to work. Tomorrow we have a 115 mile day. Wish us luck!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Red Neck Games On the Fourth

I have posted several new pictures. They chronicle our Fourth of July afternoon in Gillespie, WY. I was on the radio. I got to announce a Lynard Skynard tune. All those times that I yelled "Play Some Skynard" at different concerts finally came true on the radio. Please read the HBC Blog to see what else happened at the Red Neck Games. It is sure to bring a smile to your face. Click on the link to the right or follow this link

This morning we went to a coffee shop and saw a parade. Then it was off to the Games. Tonight we will have a pasta feast and then see some fireworks. Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

We made it to Mt. Rushmore. It was a 20 mile climb to the top. Unfortunately there was not a 20 mile downhill waiting for us. We stirred up quite a comotion with all of our gear and jerseys. People thought we were crazy and awesome at the same time.

This clown could make a doggie balloon faster than I have ever seen.

The rock throw at the Strong Man Competition got everyone warmed up.

At the Strong Man Competition, a contender flips the tire to the finish line. We all wondered if we could flip it even once.

A cute kid showing her pride for America at the Red Neck Games. I think she will be ready for mud volleyball real soon.

Team HBC pumps itself up with a pose. How could any team have a chance against this force?

Team HBC celebrates its victory of the Sliders. We rock! On to the semi-finals for us...

Team HBC pulls with al their might to be the Sliders. Victory was ours! there was no way that we were going in that mud pit.

Team HBC suffers defeat in the second round.

Maeve as she readies herself for the throw that will almost take out several innocent bystanders.

Maeve was interviewed by the local newspaper after her crazy, head-cutting throw. She was quoted as saying, "I didn't know that hub-cap tossing was such a dangerous sport."

Here is John Mori after his third place finish in the Pigs Feet Bobbing competition. Go John!

Here is a rabbit that was hanging out at the church.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Fireworks Are in the Air

Well maybe not just yet. It is only July 3rd. I just rolled into Gillespie, WY about two hours ago. No one was here, except for the parents of one of the riders. The doors were locked and I knew that I was far ahead of most people, so I did what any other biker would do...I went to the bar. Boy am I glad I went there. They had over 30 beers on tap. It was heaven. After a beer and a lot of water, I returned to the church and several riders had come. Soon there after we were let into the church.

We are supposed to be working on a house tomorrow, so I hope that works out. We have been going for 10 days straight, so we need this break. I am not sure tha I have ever worked out 10 days in a row, in my entire life!

I have gotten a lots of laughs about my pictures. So far, only one person thought I had a future with the Chip-n-Dales. Oh well, I guess I will have to find another line of work:(

I was told in the last town of New Castle that their is usually an impressive show of fireworks in this town. I hope they hold up to their reputation. Also, I tried to find a New Castle beer to drink in New Castle, WY, but there were none to be found. I checked in three places. I was thinking that the town should capitalize on their name to bring in extra tourism dollars. The town was having an all-years reunion for the high school. Their was supposed to be "Dancing in the Streets" at nine. However, there were only a few kids and several people hanging around on the sidewalk. I was told that this was one of the biggest days of the year. I guess the lack of happenings is what makes these towns so wonderful.

Enjoy your fourth!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

I Am In the West

I feel that once I had crossed into Wyoming, that I finally was in the West. Today we went from Rapid City, SD to New Castle, WY. We saw Mt. Rushmore this morning. People had the same reaction I did years ago. They all said it was smaller than they had imagined. From there we continued on through the Black Hills. And yes, they are hilly. We did 85 miles of up and down.

I saw Crazy Horse from a distance. Also, we went by Jewel Cave, which I had also seen before. It is a pretty neat cave. Outside the area has been plagued by fires, like so much of the West. The big one in this area happened in 2000.

It feels great to be so close to Colorado, Boulder, and the mountains. Tomorrow we will travel on a fairly flat terrain. Hopefully the wind will not be bad. July 4th will be our much needed day off. We have a work day in Gillespie, which should be fun. The lady here at the church says the city puts on a great firework show. After tomorrow we will have been riding for ten days straight. I am exhausted!

Friday, July 01, 2005

New Pictures Have Arrived!

The Church in Rapid City is amazing. I have been able to catch up on so much email and computer work. I know I will never finish, but I put a dent in it.

Anyway, I have put about 15-20 pictures on the blog. They are in chronological order, starting with Minneapolis through todays ride to Rapid City. Enjoy!

I put a post below the pictures about the last few days, so check that out as well. Since the last post I got to shower and eat. I feel much better. Actually, I ate twice. Once at Denny's and then two hours later we had dinner at the church. I sure love biking all day!

Today was mail day and once again it was an extravaganza. It is hard to believe all the mail we receive. So many letters and packages. It is like we have hanukah and christmas every week or two. Thank you all.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

The outside of the MetroDome. It was a little weird seeing a baseball game inside, but it was a great time as you can see below.

This is the gang at the Baseball Stadium in Minneapolis. It is the first three rows you can see. It was a great game! The Twins won!

Here are the Twins playing the Detroit Tigers.

Have you ever been to a ball game when they scan the crowd and put a "kiss cam" on the big screen. Well, they do at the Twins games. Here is the lucky couple who had their 15 seconds of fame on the big screen. David and MOF got it on. Actually, MOF jumped on David when the camera turned on them. Thank you Tori for pointing at them for five minutes before the camera put them on the screen.

So as stated in a previous post... I got my hair braided into 6 corn rows.

The profile shot.

I was "sweeper" the other day. This is when you ride in the very back of the group and bring up the rear. Needless to say, I have way to much time on my hands. I spotted a skate park and went to go try my hand at it. All I can say is, "Dave Mirra has nothing on me!"

Here is John Mori showing off his moves.