Wednesday, June 08, 2005

We Are Getting Smarter...Finally

Today we woke up extra early. I had requested it, since the winds and heat have been rough. We were biking by 6:15 a.m. I was done at 11 a.m. and it was wonderful. It is supposed to be about 100 degrees today and the winds were just getting to be strong when I finished. Now we have the whole day to sleep, relax, eat, and play.

We will be heading back into Canada tomorrow. We will be heading south-west towards Ann Arbor, MI. At Ann Arbor we will have our second work day. Also, sometime in the next week we will get to camp for the first time on our trip. we are all excited since Brock showed up yesterday with a camping stove tied to his handle bars. I think we are going to get some beer and make steaks tonight. I think that is great biking food.

Our tan lines are getting better everyday. I hopefully will get to share some pictures that I took yesterday. Steve A. has the best lines.

Today we rode through Adelaide. I immediately turned my Ipod onto the song Adelaide. I thought it was only appropriate.

There were no crashes today, but there were some near misses. David Brummet has the best save award for not crashing today. He rubbed tires with the bike in front of him and swerved way out. The car behind us swerved way out and David swerved back in and then out again. I was right behind him and luckily had my hands near my brakes, so I backed off quickly to avoid the mess that I thought was surely coming. However, it did not. We all stopped and allowed our heartbeats to drop back down to biking speed.

The US better watch out, because we are coming back and are ready to pedal harder than when we left!

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  1. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Hey there son! I really enjoy hearing from you and reading your blog! Keep 'em coming. You are very smart ot ride in the morning. Riding during the heat of the day is dangerous to one's health. I have to pack for Madison-Atlanta-Montgomery-Birmingham today. We are leaving tomorrow morning. Stay safe, be careful, and remember I love you. Mother