Thursday, June 09, 2005

We All Love Our Directions...Not!

I am sitting at Maeve's Aunt and Uncle's house in Michigan. We are just north of Detroit. I am staying at a church in Orchard Lake, MI...if anybody knows where that is. We had a very long day.

We got up at 4:30 a.m. and were eating breakfast at 5:30. A little after 6 we were on the road. The morning was great! We went to a ferry to cross back into the US. We could not cross over a nearby bridge, since there was construction and they refused to give us an escort across. Oh well. The ride to the ferry added about 25 miles to the days mileage. Ouch!

We waited an hour at the ferry, since a rider got a flat and it was her first time changing a tire on the road. So, we finally made it back in the US and started heading towards Detriot. Throughout this trip we have had great stories of getting lost. Our directions are often wrong. Sometimes it is only the distance. Other times we are missing turns and streets all together. Today both the mileage and streets were wrong.

We made it too lunch with only the mileage being about 15 miles off. That was ok. Lunch was awesome. We broke out the grill that Brock had bought the other day and made steaks, hotdogs, and various other foods that we decided to grill. There was a smile on everybody's face watching Colin light the grill and proceed to cook his steak. Colin had the biggest stretched from ear to ear. That is a long way for Colin (he is a big guy)!

Several of us took from lunch and pushed on. The sun was out and the heat was rising rapidly. We all knew from the past two days that today was going to be a scorcher. We made it to a road that was a dirt road. The directions said to go on this road and we did. This road will be forever remebered. It was only a third of a mile, but was so bumpy from tire ruts, that we all went down yelling and screaming, sounding like we were being shaken violently. And we were! As we reached the end, the van was turned around and decided that it was lost since it could not find the next road. I told them that there were some people in their yard back on the road we just were on and that we should ask them. So...we all headed back down this bumpy, dirt road screaming and yelling. This time we started started saying phrases about how wonderful the road was. It sounded like, "IIIIIIIII LLLOOOOOVVVVEEEEE TTTHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIISSSSS RRRRRRROOOOOOOOAAAAAADDDDDD!" I beat the van to the house, since it had to go slow with the trailer bouncing behind it. The lady told us where to go and we were now once again going down this wonderful, bouncy, road. The directions had forgotten a road and now we knew where to go, or so we thought.

One of the riders I was with told us about her Aunt and Uncle's house that we should stop at and cool off. We were starting to fry and loved the thought of ice crem and ice water and really anything with ice in its name. This house was only four houses off our route. It couldn't get much better. We sat around for over an hour cooling off. We ate, drank, and even played some guitar.

During this rest time we received a phone call to tell us that the directions were wrong, but they didn't know where to go. We said ok and continued to sit around and let everyone else hang out in the heat.

Eventually we were told where to go. This worked for about two miles. We then started making a big circle, that got us no where fast. I stopped at a perked ambulance and asked the paramedics. They were very helpful and got us going the right way. I realized that they showed us the long way around. I am glad they were not driving to save me! We eventually found a road that was on our directions after asking a couple of more people about how to get to where we were going. The directions said 2.5 miles down this road. After 5, we still were not there. We had been on the road for over 70 miles and were getting tired. We arrived safely at our destination and I immediately threw myself in the lake. Then someone came out and said that it was ok to use the lake. Thanks!

Anyway, it was a fun and eventful day. This has become typical fare. Getting lost, asking directions several times, and somehow ending up where we are supposed to be.

Now I have gotten to shower, shave, eat, and even do laundry at my friends relatives house. It doesn't get much better. Tomorrow we will have a short day to Ann Arbor. Saturday will be a work day on a Habitat house. That will be much needed day of rest for our legs.

Oh yea. yesterday someone did get in an accident. A girl went down a scraped one side of here body really good. She is fine. I don't think Steve will grab her handle bar any more. I think he feels a little bad about it. Also, I found out that on the Central and South trips, that they have had their share of emergencies. Someone's appendix burst and had to be rushed to a hospital. Another person was hit by a car and needed hospital care, but I am unsure if they will continue the ride. It made us all feel lucky that we were not hurt, except for few scrapes and bruises.

The bright side of today, is that it was not windy.


  1. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Well, David, you are certinly having an adventure! I hope that you won't get lost in Africa. I have to pack. Be careful, stay safe, and remember - I love you, Mother

  2. Anonymous12:04 PM

    This here is the old Bikerstan1. Looks like today (saturday) is going to be a windy day for me due to the Huricane. I guess 30 miles is going to do it. You know, the more you talk about crashes, the more likely one will occur. Try not to smash your finger(s) today with that tool called a hammer. Tomorrow is Kia Kima. Seven days of mountain bike riding and swimming. I'll check in with you when we return. B Safe.