Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Over 1000 Miles Completed

Today we have arrived in Westville, IN. For those of you who don't know where that it is...neither do I. I do know that it is close to Gary, IN and about 60 miles outside of Chicago. I have not had acess to a computer for a while, so here is a recap.

I stopped in Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, and Benton Harbor, MI over the past few days. Our build day in Ann Arbor did not work out. The Habitat chapter did not have enough for us to do. We were all very dissapointed, but we got lots of errands and cleaning done instead. The 90 mile, followed by an 80 mile ride over the last couple of days, has worn many riders out. Today's ride was only 50 miles and I felt very refreshed this morning. I am not sure if it was from relaxing and watching the sunset on the beach in Benton Harbor or that I just slept well, but I took off this morning. We had a head wind almost the entire way. I went so fast that the van never past me, which meant that I never got lunch. With only 50 miles to do this is not a big deal; I had a couple of Cliff bars on me. I arrived at my destination before 10 am today. This is partly due to the time zone change, but I have been here an hour and no one has shown up. A lady inside told me I had found the right place.

I was hungry when I arrived, so I found a local diner and had an omelet, a biscuit, some hash browns, 3 glasses of water, and several pieces of toast. I can't wait till our next meal:)

I will be going to Chicago tomorrow. We have our first official rest day there. I will be staying the night with some good friends there. I have been looking forward to this part of the trip. I should be able to get some new pictures up on the site, during my stay there.

Funny story...yesterday when we left Battle Creek, it was raining. This was most of the riders first time riding in the rain. We all got drenched. I got a flat about 10 miles away from lunch. It took a couple of tubes, but the tire was ready to go. Three of us get back on our bikes and go about 20 feet and someone else gets a flat. While my friend was changing her tube, I was doing circles in the parking lot. My gears were off a little and I was making adjustments and checking my work out. I was not looking up, since I was looking at my gears. All of a sudden I hit the ground. I looked up and realized that I just ran myself into a concrete slab that was holding a handicap parking sign. I had hit my head and then my shoulder on the pole of the sign, as I went over my handle bars. The two people I was with did not see it, but I couldn't stop laughing at myself, so I told them. My shoulder is a little sore and bruised. Note to self: Look up occasionally to see what is coming.

You might have thought that was bad, but the other riders had similar horror stories. One guy got six flats. I think we had about 10-12 flats yesterday in total. Also, one or two other people had minor spills. All in all the second half of yesterday was great. The rain stopped, the sun peeked out for about 10 minutes, and we all got to play in Lake Michigan.

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