Sunday, June 05, 2005

Heading into Canada soon...

Today we arrived in Buffalo, NY. We have an easy day tomorrow...only 35 miles to Niagra Falls. We will spend the night in the US and then head into Canada. The last few days have consisted of me and several others getting lost. Today we did an extra 11 miles. We ended up in Strykesville, NY for lunch. The van was about an hour away, so we stopped at a pub and had a wonderful lunch (much better than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that we would have normally had).

Strykesville was having a garage sale. When I mean the town was having a garage sale, I mean that everyone in the town was having a garage sale and people from all over were coming. This is an annual event. I have never seen so many people having a garage sale at once, it was really cool. We got lots of looks and questions as we rode through the town at a slow pace.

I am constantly suprised by everyones helpfulness across the US. We have been asking for directions constantly, since we were lost, and everyone has been very eager to help. Today, a gentleman gave us his entire map book of the Buffalo/Niagra area. He said we needed it more than he did. This has been a repeated theme as we have traveled west. Also, we ran across some kids having a bake sale, trying to raise money for camp this summer. We all stopped for bbrownies, cup cakes, rice krispie treats and more. I love being able to eat whatever I want and as much as I want!

As we approached downtown Buffalo, two kids tried to race us. When one of the kids declared victory by throwing his hands in the air, we told him how fast he was, and then proceeded to race him down the street with no of us using our hands. He thought it was did we.

Tonight we had buffalo wings in Buffalo. They were from the place were buffalo wings were invented. They were great. I had at least 15 and then followed it up with a few slices of pizza, some fruits and vegetable, some cookies, some pieces of bread, a chocalate bar, and several glasses of water. I think that was most of it:)

After dinner we headed out to a bar, named Colter Bay. I had a drink and then went on to a blues club, to see some live music. The Chris Beard Band was playing. We danced for a while and then headed back to the church we are staying at this evening.

I hope you enjoy the photos. If you click on them, they will enlarge. Also, I will be out of cell phone contact while in Canada. I hope to find a computer, but can not make any promises.

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